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Hypertension in Chronic Dialysis Patients: Pathophysiology, Monitoring, and Treatment
The prevalence of hypertension in the population with ESRD is very high, approaching 100% in some populations, and may account for the fact that cardiovascular disease continues to be the leadingExpand
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Effects of clenbuterol on skeletal muscle mass, body composition, and recovery from surgical stress in senescent rats.
Aging decreases skeletal muscle mass and strength, which may be exacerbated by age-related diseases. There is a need for therapeutic agents to prevent or restore loss of skeletal muscle in elderlyExpand
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Decreased prostatic arachidonic acid in human prostatic carcinoma
To measure prostatic and blood fatty acid composition in a large group of patients undergoing prostatectomy for benign or malignant prostate disease, as there is evidence linking arachidonic acidExpand
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Increased expression and activity of phospholipase C in renal arterioles of young spontaneously hypertensive rats.
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to document the presence of phospholipase C (PLC) isozymes beta(1), gamma(1), and delta(1) in freshly isolated renal glomeruli and resistance vessels, toExpand
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Using REMBRANDT to Paint in the Details of Glioma Biology: Applications for Future Immunotherapy
Microarray technology developed in the late 1990’s allows one to simultaneously analyze the entire transcriptome of a given population of cells at a single time. It is essentially a microchip withExpand
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Core (2'-5')oligoadenylate and the cordycepin analog: inhibitors of Epstein--Barr virus-induced transformation of human lymphocytes in the absence of interferon.
The 3'-deoxyadenosine (cordycepin) analog of (2'-5')oligo(A) [(2'-5')oligoadenylate with a triphosphate at the 5' end], synthesized enzymatically from cordycepin 5'-triphosphate in lysed rabbitExpand
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Altered fatty acid composition in the plasma, platelets, and aorta of the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat.
Decreased arachidonate levels have been described in various tissues of the streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat. However, reported arachidonate changes in platelets from diabetic patients have beenExpand
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Pulmonary hypertensive effect of heparin and protamine interaction: evidence for thromboxane B2 release from the lung.
Abstract The characteristic pulmonary hypertensive effect of the heparin and protamine interaction has been studied in the isolated pig lung preparation using sequential autologous blood perfusateExpand
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Increased phospholipid fatty acid remodeling in human and rat prostatic adenocarcinoma tissues.
PURPOSE To study the mechanism of diminished arachidonic acid levels in malignant prostatic tissues. MATERIALS AND METHODS Benign and malignant prostate tissues were obtained from human radicalExpand
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Red blood cell and plasma fatty acid composition in diabetes mellitus.
Arachidonic acid deficiency and increased linoleic acid levels have been a consistent finding in a variety of tissues in experimental diabetes. To determine if patients with type IIExpand
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