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Synthesis and biological activities of bisnaphthalimido polyamines derivatives: cytotoxicity, DNA binding, DNA damage and drug localization in breast cancer MCF 7 cells.
BNIPSpd, BNIPSpm and BNIPOSpm induce DNA damage consistent with their rate of uptake into the cells as well as other cytotoxic bisnaphthalimido compounds previously reported. Expand
The biological activities of new polyamine derivatives as potential therapeutic agents.
The assays performed suggested that apoptosis was not the principal cell death mechanism involved in oxa-polyamine cytotoxicity, and the principal cytotoxic members of the bisnaphthalimido series appear to induce apoptosis. Expand
Caspase-independence and characterization of bisnaphthalimidopropyl spermidine induced cytotoxicity in HL60 cells.
It is proposed that BNIPSpd cytotoxicity arises through DNA damage and not polyamine depletion and that cytot toxicity is dominated by but not dependent upon caspase driven apoptosis. Expand