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Study of hair element content from an urban Bulgarian population using NAA assessment of environmental status
Comparison of the elemental data for distilled water-washed hair and studies from Oxford, England and Hastings, and Sussex, New Zealand revealed interesting variations dependent on local industrial and nutritional factors.
Investigation of elemental models in senile dementia and depressives using neutron activation analysis
The results suggest that the senile dementia group has significantly higher Al concentrations in erythrocytes and hair relative to the controls but no significant correlation between the aluminium content of hair and that of blood exists.
Changes in the elemental content of blood components by selenium supplement in humans
A study was undertaken to determine the concentration of selenium in whole blood, erythrocytes and plasma in samples obtained from three groups (each group consisting of one male and one female
NA61 Collaboration
Fe, Co, Zn, Br, Rb, Cs, Se, Cr, Sb and Sc Content and Growth of Soybean Nodules as Affected by Nutrient Deficiency
With the increasing energy crisis as well as the rise in the price of fertilizers, the question of using biological fixation of nitrogen becomes urgent. The clarification of the parameters that limit
Response of selenium changes in blood using cyclic activation analysis
A study was undertaken to investigate the response of selenium uptake and washout in whole blood and its components in healthy subjects, aged 20 to 30 yr, who were given selenium as a supplement to
Study of the toxic effect of Cd and Cu on the metabolic processes of bacterial communities
The change in the microelement content of aqueous media affects the development and the vital process of microorganisms. The present paper treats the accumulation and the influence of the toxic