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A stochastic optimization and simulation approach for scheduling operating rooms and recovery beds in an orthopedic surgery department
A knapsack followed by a mixed integer program and discrete event simulation approach.Minimizing the makespan and the waiting time of stochastic surgeries duration schedule.A case study with realExpand
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A hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Heterogeneous Dial-A-Ride Problem
A new hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Heterogeneous Dial-A-Ride Problem (H-DARP).Efficient crossover operators and local search techniques.Experiments on existing DARP and H-DARP instances and new,Expand
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Three effective metaheuristics to solve the multi-depot multi-trip heterogeneous dial-a-ride problem
The Heterogeneous Dial-a-Ride Problem (HDARP) is an important problem in reduced mobility transportation. Recently, several extensions have been proposed towards more realistic applications of theExpand
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Classroom assignment for exam timetabling
Abstract We consider the problem of assigning a set of independent (non-conflicting) exams having a given size to a set of classrooms having certain capacities. We formulate the problem as a zero–oneExpand
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Hybrid Model for Solving Multi-Objective Problems Using Evolutionary Algorithm and Tabu Search
This paper presents a new multi-objective hybrid model that makes cooperation between the strength of research of neighborhood methods presented by the tabu search (TS) and the important explorationExpand
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Lecture timetabling at a Tunisian university
This paper deals with the lecture timetabling problem at an institution in a Tunisian university. The objective is to construct a feasible timetable for all the lectures taken by the studentsExpand
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The classroom assignment problem: Complexity, size reduction and heuristics
In this paper, we investigate a compound of the exam timetabling problems which consists of assigning a set of independent exams to a certain number of classrooms. We can define the exam timetablingExpand
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The genetic algorithm with two point crossover to solve the resource-constrained project scheduling problems
In the last few decades, the resource-constrained project-scheduling problem has become the key of the success of researching project in the enterprises and has become a popular problem type inExpand
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Lichen plan actinique de l’enfant (à propos de 6 cas)
Resume Introduction Le lichen plan actinique (LPA) est une affection chronique et benigne du sujet jeune du Moyen-Orient et des pays du Maghreb. But Decrire les particularites cliniques et evolutivesExpand
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Course timetabling at a Tunisian University: A case study
This paper deals with the Course Timetabling Problem at an institution in a Tunisian University. We introduce a heuristic procedure to construct a feasible timetable for all lectures and tutorialsExpand
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