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The Feeling of What Happens: Body and Emotion in the Making of Consciousness
'The Feeling of What Happens will change your experience of yourself' New York Times Where do our emotions come from? What does it mean to be conscious? At its core, human consciousness is awareness
Deciding Advantageously Before Knowing the Advantageous Strategy
The results suggest that, in normal individuals, nonconscious biases guide behavior before conscious knowledge does, and without the help of such biases, overt knowledge may be insufficient to ensure advantageous behavior.
Descartes' error: emotion, reason, and the human brain. avon books
Descartes' Error offers the scientific basis for ending the division between mind and body. Antonio Damasio contends that rational decisions are not the product of logic alone - they require the
The somatic marker hypothesis and the possible functions of the prefrontal cortex.
  • A. Damasio
  • Psychology, Biology
    Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 29 October 1996
The hypothesis rejects attempts to limit human reasoning and decision making to mechanisms relying, in an exclusive and unrelated manner, on either conditioning alone or cognition alone.
Emotion, decision making and the orbitofrontal cortex.
The somatic marker hypothesis provides a systems-level neuroanatomical and cognitive framework for decisionMaking and the influence on it by emotion and the relationship between emotion, decision making and other cognitive functions of the frontal lobe, namely working memory is reviewed.
Different Contributions of the Human Amygdala and Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex to Decision-Making
The results suggest that amygdala damage is associated with impairment in decision-making and that the roles played by the amygdala and VMF in decision -making are different.
Self comes to mind : constructing the conscious brain
This title is winner of the CORINE International Book Award 2011. It is from one of the most important neuroscientists at work today, a path-breaking investigation of a question that has confounded