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Spectra of Atoms and Molecules
1. Introduction 1.1-Waves, Particles, and Units 1.2-The Electromagnetic Spectrum 1.3-Interaction of Radiation with Matter 2. Molecular Symmetry 2.1-Symmetry Operations 2.2-Groups 2.3-Notation forExpand
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The infrared response of molecular hydrogen gas to ultraviolet radiation: high-density regions
A study is presented of the behavior of the H2 infrared emission spectra that are produced in dense static photodissociation regions exposed to UV radiation which both heats and excites the H2 gas.Expand
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Ionization, luminosity, and heating of the upper atmosphere of Mars
A model based upon Viking data is constructed of the Martian atmosphere, and a comprehensive quantitative discussion is given of the measurements of the ultraviolet dayglow. A detailed assessment isExpand
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The galactic cosmic ray ionization rate
  • A. Dalgarno
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 15 August 2006
The chemistry that occurs in the interstellar medium in response to cosmic ray ionization is summarized, and a review of the ionization rates that have been derived from measurements of molecularExpand
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Quadrupole Transition Probabilities for the Excited Rovibrational States of H 2
Accurate calculations of the quadrupole moment of H2, carried out with a 494 term variational representation of the electronic eigenfunction, are reported, and the quadrupole transition probabilitiesExpand
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The KInetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA)
We present a novel chemical database for gas-phase astrochemistry. Named the KInetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA), this database consists of gas-phase reactions with rate coefficients andExpand
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Photoionization Cross Sections of He and H2
We combine accurate measurements at low energies and theoretical calculations at high energies to construct sets of photoionization cross sections of He and H2 that should be reliable at allExpand
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Theory of multiphoton processes
My aim in this book has been to give an account of the theoretical methods of analysis of multiphoton processes in atomic physics. In this account I have emphasized systematic methods as opposed toExpand
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Ionization, dissociation, and heating efficiencies of cosmic rays in a gas of molecular hydrogen.
Detailed calculations are carried out of the efficiencies with which cosmic rays with energies between 1 MeV and 100 MeV traversing a gas of molecular hydrogen produce H/sub 2//sup +/ ions, H/sup +/Expand
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