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Large-Scale Data for Multiple-View Stereopsis
This study finds that the two most pressing issues for MVS are lack of texture and meshing (forming 3D points into closed triangulated surfaces) and how much of an object’s surface is captured (completeness). Expand
Assessment of algorithms for mitosis detection in breast cancer histopathology images
The results from the Assessment of Mitosis Detection Algorithms 2013 (AMIDA13) challenge are described and the top performing method has an error rate that is comparable to the inter-observer agreement among pathologists. Expand
From Detection of Individual Metastases to Classification of Lymph Node Status at the Patient Level: The CAMELYON17 Challenge
It is shown that simple combinations of the top algorithms result in higher kappa metric values than any algorithm individually, with 0.93 for the best combination. Expand
Integrated Brain Atlas for Unbiased Mapping of Nervous System Effects Following Liraglutide Treatment
An approach to fully automate the analysis by integrating with data from the Allen Institute of Brain Science, to provide precise assessment of the distribution and action of peptide-based pharmaceuticals in the brain. Expand
Dictionary Based Image Segmentation
A method for weakly supervised segmentation of natural images, which may contain both textured or non-textured regions, is proposed, and an implicit level sets representation of the curve makes the method topologically adaptive. Expand
Individual fibre segmentation from 3D X-ray computed tomography for characterising the fibre orientation in unidirectional composite materials
Abstract The aim of this paper is to characterise the fibre orientation in unidirectional fibre reinforced polymers, namely glass and carbon fibre composites. The compression strength of theExpand
Analysis of MRI by fractals for prediction of sensory attributes: A case study in loin
Abstract This study investigates the use of fractal algorithms to analyse MRI of meat products, specifically loin, in order to determine sensory parameters of loin. For that, the capability ofExpand
Large Scale Multiview Stereopsis Evaluation
The seminal multiple view stereo benchmark evaluations from Middlebury and by Strecha et al. have played a major role in propelling the development of multi-view stereopsis methodology. AlthoughExpand
Prediction of pork quality parameters by applying fractals and data mining on MRI.
SE-OPFTA-MLR could be proposed as an alternative technique to determine physico-chemical traits of fresh and dry-cured loins in a non-destructive way with high accuracy. Expand
Spectral Characterisation of Dairy Products Using Photon Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy
In this paper, we present, for the first time, the absorption and reduced scattering spectra of commercially available milk and yoghurt products, obtained using photon-time-of-flight spectroscopy.Expand