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Molecular and morphological data reveal cryptic taxonomic diversity in the terrestrial slug complex Arion subfuscus/fuscus (Mollusca, Pulmonata, Arionidae) in continental north‐west Europe
The importance and abundance of cryptic species among invertebrate taxa is well documented. Nowadays, taxonomic, phylogenetic and conservation biological studies frequently use molecular markers toExpand
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The importance of male and female acoustic behaviour for reproductive isolation in Ribautodelphax planthoppers (Homoptera: Delphacidae)
The importance for reproductive isolation of species-specific acoustic differences between closely related Ribautodelphax planthopper species is tested by measuring responses to playbacks of bothExpand
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The genetic basis and evolution of acoustic mate recognition signals in a Ribautodelphax planthopper (Homoptera, Delphacidae) 1. The female call
Both sexes of the planthopper Rihautodeiphax imitans produce species specific acoustic signals. Earlier experiments have shown that isolation between Ribautodelphax species in captivity is at leastExpand
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Differences in preference for species-specific female calls between acoustically experienced and acoustically naive maleRibautodelphax planthoppers (Homoptera: Delphacidae)
Males of the planthopper Ribautodelphax imitanswere exposed to playbacks of either conspecific or heterospecific (R. imitantoides)female calls during their development from egg to adult, andExpand
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Little known and new South-west European slugs (Pulmonata: Agriolimacidae, Arionidae)
Four new taxa of slugs of the genera Arion and Deroceras are described, viz., Deroceras vascoana spec. nov., Arion (Kobeltia) fagophilus spec. nov. and Arion (Mesarion) urbiae spec. nov. from NWExpand
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The Arion Hortensis complex (Pulmonata: Arionidae): designation of types, descriptions, and destributional patterns, with special reference to the Netherlands
A lectotype of Arion hortensis Ferussac, 1819 and a neotype of A. distinctus Mabille, 1868 are selected in order to assure nomenclatural stability. Descriptions of preserved specimens of theseExpand
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Notes on Parennea species from Western Africa, including descriptions of two new species (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Streptaxidae)
The distribution and taxonomic status of some species attributed to the (sub)genus Parennea in western Africa is discussed. Parennea circumcisa (Morelet, 1885) and P. sulcifera (Morelet, 1884) areExpand
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