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Digestibility of macronutrients, energy and amino acids, absorption of elements and absence of intestinal enteritis in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, fed diets with wheat gluten
Apparent digestibility coefficients (ADCs) of macronutrients and energy, and apparent absorption coefficients (AACs) of amino acids and elements were assessed in an experiment with 0.9 kg AtlanticExpand
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Impact of land classification on potential warm season grass biomass production in Ontario, Canada
Kludze, H., Deen, B., Weersink, A., van Acker, R., Janovicek, K. and De Laporte, A. 2013. Impact of land classification on potential warm season grass biomass production in Ontario, Canada. Can. J.Expand
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Estimating sustainable crop residue removal rates and costs based on soil organic matter dynamics and rotational complexity
Abstract The government of Ontario, Canada, has committed to stopping the use of coal for electrical generation by 2014 and agricultural biomass is being considered as replacement. However, there isExpand
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Effects of supply chain structure and biomass prices on bioenergy feedstock supply
This study assesses the supply of switchgrass and miscanthus, in Ontario, Canada, under different biomass prices and supply chain structures, using an integrated economic, biophysical and GIS model,Expand
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Economic viability of perennial grass biomass feedstock in northern climates.
Abstract Large scale industrial biomass efforts, whether in pursuit of cellulosic bioethanol, or combustion, will require amounts of feedstock in excess of available crop residues, leading toExpand
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The Effects of Contract Mechanism Design and Risk Preferences on Biomass Supply for Ethanol Production
ABSTRACT This study used a stated choice experimental survey to evaluate the effects of contract design mechanisms and farmers’ risk preferences in supplying biomass for ethanol production in aExpand
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Costs of joint production of ethanol and industrial sugar juice using energy beets in the Northern Plains of the United States
This study evaluates the economic feasibility and profitability of producing industrial sugar juice and ethanol using energy beets in the Northern Plains of the United States. An enterprise budget isExpand
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Effects of Crop Prices, Nuisance Costs, and Wetland Regulation on Saskatchewan NAWMP Implementation Goals
type="main" xml:lang="fr"> Les reglements actuels de la Saskatchewan sur les milieux humides ne sont peut-etre pas suffisants pour permettre l'atteinte des objectifs de conservation et deExpand
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Ecological Goals and Wetland Preservation Choice
"Canada's multilayered wetland policies promote the preservation of "significant" wetlands, but the criteria for identifying these wetlands are not clearly defined partially because wetlands are aExpand
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Economic and environmental consequences of nitrogen application rates, timing and methods on corn in Ontario
Abstract Large scale adoption of nitrogen (N) management practices, including the 4Rs, could lead to beneficial environmental and economic outcomes, but only if they improve agricultural profit orExpand
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