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Analysis of multiple endocrine disruptors in environmental waters via wide-spectrum solid-phase extraction and dual-polarity ionization LC-ion trap-MS/MS.
An analytical method for the determination of 35 endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) present in the aquatic environment was developed and validated and stability experiments showed no significant loss or deterioration for any of the analytes. Expand
Evaluation of automated single mass spectrometry to tandem mass spectrometry function switching for comprehensive drug profiling analysis using a quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer.
A liquid chromatographic mass spectrometric strategy for systematic toxicological analysis (STA) is presented using the automatic 'on-the-fly' single mass spectrometry mode to tandem massExpand
Determination of reference method values by isotope dilution-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry: a five years' experience of two European Reference Laboratories.
Data demonstrate that current reference methodology is able to guarantee a stable level of high quality of performance, and that reference laboratories of today are capable of providing, in due time, adequate service in the framework of accuracy-based harmonization of methods in routine laboratory medicine. Expand
Heroin impurity profiling: trends throughout a decade of experimenting.
This review focuses on heroin impurity profiling during the 1990s, proclaimed by the United Nations as the 'Decade for Eradicating Drug Abuse', with special attention given to the new trends in analytical techniques as well as in data handling strategies, so called chemometrics, to produce these profiles. Expand
Countering matrix effects in environmental liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry water analysis for endocrine disrupting chemicals.
It was shown that mobile-phase additives could significantly influence matrix effects and evaluation of matrix effects should become an integrated part of quantitative LC-ESI-MS/MS method development and validation. Expand
Metabolism of minocycline in humans.
It is demonstrated that minocycline is the first tetracycline to be metabolized in man, and the principal metabolite was tentatively identified as 9-hydroxyminocyCline by mass spectral and spectrophotometric analysis and comparison with a synthetic compound. Expand
Sensitive gas chromatographic--mass spectrometric screening of acetylated benzodiazepines.
GC-MS screening conditions were developed for a unique routine screening method for low-dosed benzodiazepines with a broad polarity range and Unequivocal identification potential, high chromatographic resolution and sensitivity are combined with minimal thermal degradation. Expand
Candidate reference method for determining serum creatinine by isocratic HPLC: validation with isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and application for accuracy assessment of routine
Performance characteristics of the candidate Reference Method for determining creatinine in serum, based on isocratic HPLC are suitable for target-setting of quality-control materials and accuracy assessment of routine test kits. Expand
Measurement of alpha-, beta-, and gamma tocopherol in serum by liquid chromatography.
A liquid-chromatographic assay for alpha, beta, and gamma-isomeric tocopherols in human serum is reported, finding the smallest injected amount detectable is estimated to be 0.03 micrograms for alpha-, and 0.04 microgramS for beta- and Gamma-tocopherol. Expand