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A proposal for a chorotype classification of the Near East fauna, in the framework of the Western Palearctic Region
Biogeographia - vol. XX - 1999 (Pubblicato i/ 31 ottobre 1999) Biogeografia deH’AnatoIia A proposal for a chorotype classification of the Near East fauna, in the framework of the Western PalearcticExpand
Biodiversity of marine sessile epifauna at an Aegean island subject to hydrothermal activity: Milos, eastern Mediterranean Sea
Abstract Sessile macroepifauna was sampled at six rocky sites between 2 and 90 m depth with a number of different methods involving both underwater photography and collection of specimens. A total ofExpand
Data on molecular taxonomy and genetic diversification of the European Hermit beetles, a species complex of endangered insects (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae, Osmoderma)
A molecular analysis was carried out on the European hermit beetles (the Osmoderma eremita species complex) to explore their genetic diversification and the robustness of previous morphologicallyExpand
Results of a molecular analysis on the European hermit beetles (the Osmoderma eremita species-complex), recently published in a companion paper, are shortly dis- cussed and commented. These resultsExpand
Preliminary re-examination of genus-level taxonomy of the pollen beetle subfamily Meligethinae (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)
The pollen beetle subfamily Meligethinae C. G. Thomson, 1859 (Nitidulidae), is distributed throughout the Holarctic, Afrotropical, Oriental, and Australasian Regions. Previously, the subfamilyExpand
Distribution of medium- to large-sized African mammals based on habitat suitability models
The knowledge of the areas inhabited by a species within its distribution range and the connections among patches are critical pieces of information for successful conservation actions. The internalExpand
Applying molecular-based approaches to classical biological control of weeds
The use of molecular techniques is rapidly growing as the tools have become more diverse and powerful, more widely available, and easier to implement. Molecular analyses are able to elucidateExpand
Field release of a prospective biological control agent of weeds, Ceratapion basicorne, to evaluate potential risk to a nontarget crop.
Abstract Ceratapion basicorne is a prospective biological control agent of yellow starthistle ( Centaurea solstitialis ), which is an invasive alien weed in the USA. Although the weevil has a strongExpand
Molecular phylogeography of two Italian sibling species of Calobius (Coleoptera, Hydraenidae, Ochthebiinae) inhabiting Mediterranean marine rock-pools
Marine rock-pools, commonly found along the Mediterranean coasts, are isolated patches of habitat characterised by large spatial and temporal variations. The phylogeography of Calobius quadricollisExpand
Systematic study of the genus Rossimyiops Mesnil (Diptera: Tachinidae)
The systematic position and generic limits of Rossimyiops Mesnil, 1953 (type species: R. whiteheadi Mesnil, 1953) are critically redefined. Examination of the male terminalia allowed us toExpand