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New national and regional bryophyte records, 15
1. Anomobryum julaceum (P.Gaertn., B.Mey. & Scherb.) Schimp. Contributors: H. Bednarek-Ochyra and R. Ochyra Îles Crozet: ÎLE DE LA POSSESSION: beginning of southern tributary of the river leading toExpand
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The Flora of Dörtyol and Erzin District of Hatay Province in Turkey
The plants listed in this study were collected in the districts of Dortyol and Erzin (Hatay) between 1989 and 1992. The study area, situated at the middle of Amanos Mountains, has a climate typicalExpand
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First comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the flora of the Çukurova Deltas, southern Turkey
The Çukurova Deltas on the southern coast of Turkey, with their high biodiversity, are one of the most important wetland and RAMSAR sites in the eastern Mediterranean basin. The total native floraExpand
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The Succession, Habitat Affinity, and Life-forms of Epiphytic Bryophytes in the Turkish Oak (Quercus cerris) Forests on Mount Musa
We studied the epiphytic bryophytes in the deciduous Quercus cerris forests on Mount Musa in the southern part of the Amanos Mountain Range. An Index of Ecological Significance (IES) was used toExpand
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Flora of Mount Musa (Hatay-Turkey)
The field studies have been carried out to determine the flora of Mount Musa between 1994-1996. Nearly, 1000 plant specimens were collected. After identification of these specimens, total flora hasExpand
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Early post-fire changes in Pinus brutia forests (Amanos Mountains, Turkey)
Early post-fire changes in Pinus brutia forests (Amanos Mountains, Turkey) We studied the species composition and soil nutrients in a Pinus brutia forest after a fire that occurred in 1989. FourExpand
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Floristic Characteristics of the Karkamis Dam Reservoir Area and its Surroundings (Gaziantep-Sanliurfa: Turkey)
Abstract.The natural flora of Karkamis Dam lake area and its surroundings was studied in 2000 and 2001 before the dam construction was completed. During the floristic surveys, 464 species of 279Expand
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Pyramidula Tetragona (Funariaceae) New to Turkey
Abstract Pyramidula tetragona (Brid.) Brid. is reported for the first time from Turkey. The species is described from material collected on wet soil in an archaeological site (Tilmen Höyük) inExpand
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