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Communicating with Elderly People in Suicidal Crisis in the Light of Helpline Worker Experience
Abstract The increase in suicidal behaviour among elderly people makes it necessary to take action in the field of broadly understood prevention. This includes helplines, which play an essential role
Adolescent attitudes about altruistic suicide
A survey of 1,019 Polish high school students found that some forms of altruistic suicide were viewed favorably, whereas other forms were viewed very negatively. A relatively more negative view in
Altruistic suicide - characteristics of the phenomenon
Cases of the so-called altruistic facultative suicide are analyzed in the paper. The phenomenon was characterized and its specific variants were distinguished, including suicide as a political
Suicide among Polish Officers during World War II in Oflag II–C Woldenberg
An attempt to document the occurrence of suicide in the Oflag II–C Woldenberg camp in what is now Western Poland is presented, and a suicide rate of between 22.4 to 38.4 per 100,000 per year in the roughly 6,600 prisoners is estimated.
Dynamics of suicidal frequency changes on the railways in Poland - an attempt of epidemiological analyzes
Aim: The analysis presented in the article is the first study of suicide on railway tracks in Poland. Methods: An epidemiological assessment was conducted, study type: case series, population – based
Statistical Review of the Suicide Attempts Rates Committed on Polish Railway Tracks between the years 2013-2016.
Alcohol intoxication, illegal narcotics and psychotropic medication are responsible for a person's lower awareness during his ore her actions, in most of the cases of suicide on Polish railway lines.