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Apoptosis: A Basic Biological Phenomenon with Wide-ranging Implications in Tissue Kinetics
Apoptosis seems to be involved in cell turnover in many healthy adult tissues and is responsible for focal elimination of cells during normal embryonic development, and participates in at least some types of therapeutically induced tumour regression. Expand
Cell death: the significance of apoptosis.
It has proved feasible to categorize most if not all dying cells into one or the other of two discrete and distinctive patterns of morphological change, which have, generally, been found to occur under disparate but individually characteristic circumstances. Expand
Pitfalls in the management of preauricular sinuses
The condition recurred more often in patients who developed postoperative wound sepsis than in those who healed primarily and means of decreasing the recurrence rate include meticulous dissection of the sinus by an experienced head and neck surgeon under general anaesthesia. Expand
Adrenocortical cell deletion: The role of ACTH
Cell death in the normal neonatal rat adrenal cortex
Internal jugular vein thrombosis following functional neck dissection
Twenty‐five patients on whom 27 functional neck dissections were performed for upper aerodigestive tract squamous carcinoma were prospectively investigated to determine the frequency of venousExpand
Cilia of a Distinctive Structure (9 + 0) in Endocrine and other Tissues
CILIA or flagella control and effect the movement of many unicellular organisms, for example Paramecium; they may also cause movement of the medium surrounding cells as in flame cells ofExpand
Immunofluorescence localization of growth hormone in the human pituitary gland and of a related antigen in the syncytiotrophoblast.
The immunofluorescence (IF) localization of growth hormone in the human pituitary gland and of a related antigen in the syncytiotrophoblast is described, which shows an altered reaction to the antigen. Expand
The Inspector-General states that the clinical treatment of patients has been maintained during the year at a standard which can be regarded as satisfactory, and he thinks that the nursing is comparable with that reached in other countries. Expand
Reciprocal Relationship Between the Production of Adrenal Damage by 7,12-Dimethylbenz(a)anthracene in Rats and the Induction of Liver Damage by Various Treatments
Investigation into the mechanism by which CCl4 administration to Sprague-Dawley rats protects them against the adrenocorticolytic action of dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA) shows that CCl 4 must be given shortly before DMBA to achieve the best protection and that treatments given after DMBA are ineffective. Expand