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The DNA sequence of equine herpesvirus-4.
The complete DNA sequence of equine herpesvirus-4 (EHV-4) strain NS80567 was determined. The genome is 145597 bp in size and consists of a long unique region (UL, 112398 bp) flanked by a shortExpand
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Modeling Within-Host Dynamics of Influenza Virus Infection Including Immune Responses
Influenza virus infection remains a public health problem worldwide. The mechanisms underlying viral control during an uncomplicated influenza virus infection are not fully understood. Here, weExpand
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Dynamics of Influenza Virus Infection and Pathology
ABSTRACT A key question in pandemic influenza is the relative roles of innate immunity and target cell depletion in limiting primary infection and modulating pathology. Here, we model theseExpand
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Attenuation of Equine Influenza Viruses through Truncations of the NS1 Protein
ABSTRACT Equine influenza is a common disease of the horse, causing significant morbidity worldwide. Here we describe the establishment of a plasmid-based reverse genetics system for equine influenzaExpand
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Clinical and virological evaluation of the efficacy of an inactivated EHV1 and EHV4 whole virus vaccine (Duvaxyn EHV1,4). Vaccination/challenge experiments in foals and pregnant mares.
Pregnant mares and young foals were vaccinated with Duvaxyn EHV1,4, an inactivated and adjuvanted vaccine containing both the EHV-1 and 4 antigens. SN and CF antibody titres were induced two weeksExpand
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Characterization of the genome of equine herpesvirus 1 subtype 2.
The genome structure of equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) subtype 2 was shown by electron microscopic studies and restriction endonuclease site mapping to comprise two covalently linked segments (L, 109Expand
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Equine influenza--a global perspective.
To date, equine influenza outbreaks have been reported all over the world with the exception of a small number of island nations including New Zealand and Iceland. Influenza is endemic in Europe andExpand
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Genetic characterization by composite sequence analysis of a new pathogenic field strain of equine infectious anemia virus from the 2006 outbreak in Ireland.
Equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV), the causative agent of equine infectious anaemia (EIA), possesses the least-complex genomic organization of any known extant lentivirus. Despite this relativeExpand
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Epidemiological and virological investigations of equine influenza outbreaks in Ireland (2010–2012)
Outbreaks of equine influenza (EI) in endemic populations cause disruption and economic loss.
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Diagnosis of equine infectious anaemia during the 2006 outbreak in Ireland
In 2006 there was an outbreak of equine infectious anaemia (eia) in Ireland. This paper describes the use of the diagnosis of clinical and subclinical cases of the disease. In acute cases the elisasExpand
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