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Shared Responsibility between the Patient and the Orthopeds in Determining the Right Diagnosis and the most Appropriate Individual Well Timing Perfect Treatment
Sometimes the doctors are nervous when a patient is comming who is not a professional physician-but despite he knows exactly his diagnosis, personal and family history, history of last recommendedExpand
Correlation between dental-maxillary abnormalities and disfunctional factors.
Introduction: Maxillary and dental device functions (mastication, deglutition, breathing, vocal tract, mimics) are provided by rhythmic movements of jaw, lips and mimic muscles. Under their action,Expand
We Should Reform All Branches Medicine OECD to be with Guarance More Clever, More Safety, More Humanistic for Patients
  • A. Cuc
  • Political Science
  • 23 August 2018
Network Medical Clinics in OECD has the stabil similar structure of daily Tasks in Diagnostics, in Treatments, with similar usage the Medical Devices in similar Medical processing in Mass produce ofExpand
The supervision and the control of tuberculosis in Bihor county.
The infection of about 1/3 of the world population with M tuberculosis requires not only a strict specialized supervision, but also the control of tuberculosis at various levels of management. TheExpand
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Approach to Detection of Mass Repeated Fatal Errors in Standard Medical Orthopedic Processes
  • A. Cuc
  • Computer Science
  • 21 August 2018
The frequency of fatal medical errors in Diagnosis and choosing the right individual treatment is tragic fatal by 10% of all workflow-today’s ex-waiting fatal medical mistakes in OECD by The World Research Message WHO 2010. Expand