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Queer Globalizations: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism
1 The Wily Homosexual (First-and Necessarily Hasty-Notes) 2 Dissident Globalizations, Emancipatory Methods, Social-Erotics 3 "There Are No Lesbians Here": Lesbianisms, Feminisms, and Global Gay
“Under the Skirt of Liberty”: Giannina Braschi Rewrites Empire
“‘Under the Skirt of Liberty’: Giannina Braschi Rewrites Empire” traces the inscription of New York City in a tradition of male anti-imperial, subaltern, or divergently modern, broadly Latino
Between Irony and Belief: The Queer Diasporic Underground Aesthetics of José Rodríguez-Soltero and Mario Montez
In the 1960s, camp’s ironic register expanded to many of the decade’s cultural and artistic discourses, becoming hegemonic in historical accounts. This essay examines the response of two queer
Colonial figures in motion: globalization and translocality in contemporary Puerto Rican Literature in the United States
Resumen en: This essay situates contemporary Puerto Rican literature in the United States in the space between two discursive implosions: the implosion of the 1970s ...
The oxymoronof sexual sovereignty:Some Puerto Ricanliterary reflections
Resumen en: What is the relationship of sexuality, especially “queer” sexuality, to sovereignty in a colonial setting such as Puerto Rico´s? This essay revisits se...
A Radiated Radiant Baby
One of the most popular and beloved American artists of the twentieth century, Keith Haring would be catapulted to international fame by the mass media. From his arrival in New York City in 1978 at