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The Establishment of the Mandates System 1919-25
That the Peace Settlement of 1919 was a compromise, dependent upon the continuing involvement of the United States in the affairs of Europe for its success, is a fact widely accepted by students of
Philippe Berthelot and the Rome Agreements of January 1935
  • A. Crozier
  • History
    The Historical Journal
  • 1 June 1983
In 1970 Esmonde Robertson rightly took Geoffrey Warner to task for having failed, in his biography of Pierre Laval, to outline the background to the Rome Agreements of January 1935 between France and
The Trade and Aid Policy of the European Union: A Historical Perspective
While in recent years the origins of the European Union have been shown to be multifaceted and not simply a matter of collaboration with the purpose of avoiding war, what cannot be gainsaid is that
The Colonial Question in Stresemann's Locarno Policy
the locarno conference of 1925 was to contemporaries an important event in international affairs; in its way, its immediate impact upon British public opinion was perhaps almost as significant as
German Irredentism in Africa
That Vansittart and the Foreign Office should have thought it probable by the early months of 1935 that Hitler was positively inclined towards raising the colonial question at an early date is
Imperial Decline and the Colonial Question in Anglo-German Relations 1919-39
and Ottoman empires that she had conquered and occupied, she was, none the less, in full control of them under the Mandates System of the League of Nations. This extension of British rule into German