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A torque formula for non-isothermal type I planetary migration – I. Unsaturated horseshoe drag
We study the torque on low-mass planets embedded in protoplanetary discs in the two-dimensional approximation, incorporating non-isothermal eects. We couple linear estimates of the Lindblad (or wave)Expand
On the width and shape of gaps in protoplanetary disks
Although it is well known that a massive planet opens a gap in a protoplanetary gaseous disk, there is no analytic description of the surface density profile in and near the gap. The simplestExpand
A Likely Close-in Low-mass Stellar Companion to the Transitional Disk Star HD 142527
With the uniquely high contrast within 0.''1 ({Delta}mag(L') = 5-6.5 mag) available using Sparse Aperture Masking with NACO at Very Large Telescope, we detected asymmetry in the flux from the HerbigExpand
The tidal torque exerted by a protoplanetary disk with power-law surface density and temperature profiles onto anembedded protoplanetary embryois generally anegative quantity that leads to theExpand
Pebble-isolation mass: Scaling law and implications for the formation of super-Earths and gas giants
The growth of a planetary core by pebble accretion stops at the so-called pebble isolation mass, when the core generates a pressure bump that traps drifting pebbles outside its orbit. The value ofExpand
The dynamics of Jupiter and Saturn in the gaseous protoplanetary disk
Abstract We study the possibility that the mutual interactions between Jupiter and Saturn prevented Type II migration from driving these planets much closer to the Sun. Our work extends previousExpand
Dynamics of the Giant Planets of the Solar System in the Gaseous Protoplanetary Disk and Their Relationship to the Current Orbital Architecture
We study the orbital evolution of the four giant planets of our solar system in a gas disk. Our investigation extends the previous works by Masset & Snellgrove and Morbidelli & Crida, which focusedExpand
Cavity opening by a giant planet in a protoplanetary disc and effects on planetary migration
We study the effect of a Jovian planet on the gas distribution of a protoplanetary disc, using a new numerical scheme that allows us to take into consideration the global evolution of the disc, downExpand
Stellar irradiated discs and implications on migration of embedded planets. I. Equilibrium discs
The strength and direction of migration of low mass planets depends on the disc's thermodynamics. In discs where the viscous heating is balanced by radiative transport, the migration can be directedExpand
Fossilized condensation lines in the Solar System protoplanetary disk
The terrestrial planets and the asteroids dominant in the inner asteroid belt are water poor. However, in the protoplan-etary disk the temperature should have decreased below water-condensation levelExpand