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Continuous flow spectrophotometric determination of paracetamol in pharmaceuticals following continuous microwave assisted alkaline hydrolysis.
This paper reports a continuous flow-based spectrophotometric method for the determination of paracetamol in pharmaceuticals. Dilute samples containing paracetamol are continuously hydrolysed in anExpand
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Direct automatic screening of soils for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons based on microwave-assisted extraction/fluorescence detection and on-line liquid chromatographic confirmation.
An integrated screening-confirmation system for PAHs in soils is presented. The sample screening configuration comprises on-line microwave-assisted extraction of the selected pollutants, followed byExpand
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Direct screening of lyophilised biological fluids for bile acids using an evaporative light scattering detector.
The usefulness of lyophilisation for the direct screening of biological fluids for bile acids was investigated. Human serum and urine were lyophilised without losses of the target compounds andExpand
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Fast urinary screening for paracetamol using on-line microwave assisted hydrolysis and spectrophotometric detection.
A fully automated urinary screening system for paracetamol and its metabolites is proposed. The method comprises on-line acid microwave assisted hydrolysis of the drug to p-aminophenol followed byExpand
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Usefulness of the evaporative light scattering detector for direct screening of biological fluids
Abstract This paper reports a fast, simple procedure for the direct screening of biological fluids by using a flow configuration coupled on-line to an evaporative light scattering detector with noExpand
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Biological fluid screening and confirmation of bile acids by use of an integrated flow-injection-LC-evaporative light-scattering system
SummaryAn integrated flow-injection-liquid chromatographic system is presented for the screening of biological fluids for bile acids, and for subsequent confirmation. It is based on the use of aExpand
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Cardiac Arrest Due to Digitalis Intoxication with Normal Serum Digoxin Levels: Effects of Hypokalemia
A case of cardiac arrest due to digitalis toxicity is described. The patient had normal serum digoxin levels and hypokalemia, and treatment with potassium chloride, phenytoin, and pacing wasExpand
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[Changes in total and differential leukocyte counts during heart surgery with extracorporeal circulation].
The changes in leukocyte overall and differential counts during anesthesia and surgery were evaluated in 24 patients scheduled for cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. All the end ofExpand
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Crystal growth and characterization of a new nonlinear optical material: Urea l-Malic Acid
A new nonlinear optical organic crystal, viz. Urea L-Malic acid, has been grown from aqueous solution employing the techniques of solvent evaporation and slow cooling. The grown crystals were foundExpand
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[Image of the anesthesiologist as seen by the patient].