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The Golden Bough: a Study in Magic and Religion
THE third part of “The Golden Bough” is an expansion of a portion of the third chapter of the second edition. Its title, “The Dying God,” indicates the chief concern of the whole work, for it mightExpand
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The Golden Bough: a Study in Magic and Religion
THE third edition of Prof. Frazer's book will be in six parts, comprising at least seven volumes. As the subject of “the dying god,” to which the last four parts will be devoted, has proved, in theExpand
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The Golden Bough
THE concluding instalment of Prof. Frazer's famous book may be regarded as demonstrating in a vivid manner and at an appropriate juncture the qualities both of itself and of its author. As has beenExpand
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The Evolution of Culture and other Essays
Abstract“IN language and in all ideas communicated by word of mouth there is a hiatus between the limits of our knowledge and the origin of culture which can never be bridged over, but we may hold inExpand
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Outlines of Sociology
THE ancient academic problem of “free will” is always with us; the study of it is never barren, for its meaning changes with the development of society and of social intelligence. As compared withExpand
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Totemism and Exogamy: a Treatise on Certain Early Forms of Superstition and Society
PROF. FRAZER is a great artist as well as a great anthropologist. He works on a big scale; no one in any department of research, not even Darwin, has employed a wider induction of facts. No one,Expand
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(1) Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (2) Encyclopædia of the Philosophical Sciences (3) Evolution by Cooperation (4) The Science of the Sciences (5) Probleme der Entwicklung des Geistes (6)
PLATO dreamed of a dialectic that should be the science of the sciences, and philosophers have often assumed that philosophy is the essence of knowledge, into which are distilled the results ofExpand
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Marriage Ceremonies in Morocco
  • A. Crawley
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  • 1 May 1914
It is to be hoped that Dr. Westermarck will one day give us a general work on the origin and development of social ceremonies. Expand
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(1) William James and Henri Bergson: A Study in Contrasting Theories of Life (2) The Mirror of Perception (3) What is Adaptation? (4) The Story of Yone Noguchi: Told by Himself
Abstract(1) NOT the least useful contribution to philosophy made by William James was a negative one, viz., the ignoring of the traditional antithesis between reality and appearance. This antithesisExpand
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Vülkerpsychologie, eine Untersuchung der Entwicklungsgesetze von Sprache, Mytlius und Sitte
THIS encyclopædic work, of which we have here two volumes, is a prolegomena to sociology. Wundt is tracing the evolution of language, art, myth, religion, and custom from their beginnings to theExpand
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