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TreadMarks: Distributed Shared Memory on Standard Workstations and Operating Systems
TreadMarks is a distributed shared memory (DSM) system for standard Unix systems such as SunOS and Ultrix. This paper presents a performance evaluation of TreadMarks running on Ultrix usingExpand
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ThreadMarks: Shared Memory Computing on Networks of Workstations
Shared memory facilitates the transition from sequential to parallel processing. Since most data structures can be retained, simply adding synchronization achieves correct, efficient programs forExpand
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Lazy release consistency for software distributed shared memory
Relaxed memory consistency models, such as release consistency, were introduced in order to reduce the impact of remote memory access latency in both software and hardware distributed shared memoryExpand
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The Hadoop distributed filesystem: Balancing portability and performance
Hadoop is a popular open-source implementation of MapReduce for the analysis of large datasets. To manage storage resources across the cluster, Hadoop uses a distributed user-level filesystem. ThisExpand
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Characterization of peptides bound to the class I MHC molecule HLA-A2.1 by mass spectrometry.
Antigens recognized by T cells are expressed as peptides bound to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. Microcapillary high-performance liquid chromatography-electrosprayExpand
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Maestro: A System for Scalable OpenFlow Control
The fundamental feature of an OpenFlow network is that the controller is responsible for the initial establishment of every flow by contacting related switches. Thus the performance of the controllerExpand
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Scheduling I/O in virtual machine monitors
This paper explores the relationship between domain scheduling in avirtual machine monitor (VMM) and I/O performance. Traditionally, VMM schedulers have focused on fairly sharing the processorExpand
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Optimizing network virtualization in Xen
In this paper, we propose and evaluate three techniques for optimizing network performance in the Xen virtualized environment. Our techniques retain the basic Xen architecture of locating deviceExpand
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Adaptive cache coherency for detecting migratory shared data
Parallel programs exhibit a small number of distinct data-sharing patterns. A common data-sharing pattern, migratory access, is characterized by exclusive read and write access by one processor at aExpand
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Translation caching: skip, don't walk (the page table)
This paper explores the design space of MMU caches that accelerate virtual-to-physical address translation in processor architectures, such as x86-64, that use a radix tree page table. In particular,Expand
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