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New checks and subtleties for AdS/CFT and a-maximization
We provide a cross-check of AdS/CFT and a-charge maximization for a four dimensional = 1 SCFT with irrational R-charges. The gauge theory is the low energy effective theory of N D3-branes at the tip
Non-critical holography and four-dimensional CFT's with fundamentals
We find non-critical string backgrounds in five and eight dimensions, holographically related to four-dimensional conformal field theories with = 0 and = 1 supersymmetries. In the five-dimensional
D3-D7 Quark-Gluon Plasmas
We present the string dual to finite temperature SU(Nc) = 4 SYM coupled to massless fundamental matter introduced by Nf D7 branes, with Abelian flavor symmetry. The analytic solution includes the
Holographic QCD with dynamical flavors
A bstractGravity solutions describing the Witten-Sakai-Sugimoto model of holographic QCD with dynamical flavors are presented. The field theory is studied in the Veneziano limit, at first order in
Unbalanced holographic superconductors and spintronics
A bstractWe present a minimal holographic model for s-wave superconductivity with unbalanced Fermi mixtures, in 2 + 1 dimensions at strong coupling. The breaking of a U(1)A “charge” symmetry is
Supersymmetry breaking at the end of a cascade of Seiberg dualities
We study the IR dynamics of the cascading nonconformal quiver theory on $N$ regular and $M$ fractional D3 branes at the tip of the complex cone over the first del Pezzo surface. The horizon of this
Klebanov-Witten Theory with Massive Dynamical Flavors
We consider the addition of a large number of massive dynamical flavors to the Klebanov-Witten theory, the quiver gauge theory describing the low energy dynamics of Nc D3-branes at the conifold
The Klebanov-Strassler model with massive dynamical flavors
We present a fully backreacted D3-D7 supergravity solution dual to the Klebanov-Strassler cascading gauge theory coupled to a large number of massive dynamical flavors in the Veneziano limit. The