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Exploring translation strategies in video game localization
The article explores the possible relation between the translation approaches used in the field and the different genres or textual typologies of video games to address the issue of video game localisation. Expand
Collaborative Translation Revisited
Dans le contexte de la societe de l’information et de la mondialisation, les nouvelles technologies permettent aux usagers de jouer un role proactif dans la creation, la modification et laExpand
Using Augmented Reality and m-Learning to Optimize Students Performance in Higher Education
An analysis of the educational experiences related to the use of mobile devices in the classroom and a proposal in which Augmented Reality technologies are applied to support the explanation of concepts by means of the addition of information to the object being recorded by a mobile device are presented. Expand
Crowdsourcing and collaborative translation: mass phenomena or silent threat to translation studies?
ABSTRACT: This article explores the emerging phenomenon of amateur translation and tries to shed some light on the implications this process may have both for Translation Studies as an academicExpand
Video game localisation : adapting superheroes to different cultures
This article addresses the main translation strategies for the localisation of superhero video games into a different culture. This specific genre relies on narrative-driven plots, as the games areExpand
The internationalization of institutional websites: The case of universities in the European Union
This study focuses on the translation of the corporate websites of universities in the European Union. The main goal is to gain a comprehensive picture of institutional websites in higher educationExpand
Session 4-Translation 2.0 : facing the challenges of the global era,
This paper explores the new horizons in the field of translation resulting from the technological breakthroughs and the influence of globalisation. The promotion and development of high-speedExpand
Students’ motivation to choose language itineraries in the degree of primary education
espanolEl presente articulo analiza la motivacion de los futuros maestros para escoger una mencion de lengua (Ingles o Asturiano) en el Grado en Educacion Primaria. El objetivo es identificar losExpand
New Approaches in English Language Teaching: Teacher Training in the Framework of Content and Language Integrated Learning
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an innovative approach to foreign language learning based on the integration of language with (non-language) content in a dual-focussed learningExpand