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MINOS: A vertex tracker coupled to a thick liquid-hydrogen target for in-beam spectroscopy of exotic nuclei
MINOS is a new apparatus dedicated to in-beam nuclear structure experiments with low-intensity exotic beams in inverse kinematics at intermediate energies above 150MeV/nucleon. The device is composedExpand
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X-ray fluorescence from the element with atomic number Z=120.
An atomic clock based on x-ray fluorescence yields has been used to estimate the mean characteristic time for fusion followed by fission in reactions 238U + 64Ni at 6.6  MeV/A. Inner shell vacanciesExpand
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This contribution presents some results from the first feasibility measurement performed at GSI using a 350 MeV/nucleon 136Xe beam and a Hydrogen gas-jet target. In this feasibility study, oneExpand
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Windowless thin solid-hydrogen target: CHyMENE
We report on the production of a windowless pure hydrogen H2 film. The thickness is within the range 50–200μm, in order to be used as a target for nuclear reactions in inverse kinematics withExpand
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Tracking with the MINOS Time Projection Chamber
Abstract We report on the performance of the MINOS Time Projection Chamber developed as a vertex tracker to study exotic nuclei produced from hydrogen-induced knockout via in-beam γ -ray andExpand
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The CUORE cryostat: a 10 mK infrastructure for large bolometric arrays
The CUORE experiment is the world's largest bolometric experiment. The detector consists of an array of 988 TeO 2 crystals, for a total mass of 742 kg. CUORE is presently in data taking at theExpand
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Measurement of isospin mixing at a finite temperature in Zr-80 via giant dipole resonance decay
A. Corsi,1,2,* O. Wieland,2 S. Barlini,3,4 A. Bracco,1,2 F. Camera,1,2 V. L. Kravchuk,5 G. Baiocco,7 L. Bardelli,4 G. Benzoni,2 M. Bini,3 N. Blasi,2 S. Brambilla,2 M. Bruno,7 G. Casini,4 M. Ciemala,8Expand
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Excitation of the dynamical dipole in the charge asymmetric reaction 16O + 116Sn
Abstract The γ -ray emission from the dynamical dipole formed in heavy-ion collisions during the process leading to fusion was measured for the N/Z asymmetric reaction 16 O +  116 Sn at beam energiesExpand
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The CUORE cryostat: An infrastructure for rare event searches at millikelvin temperatures
Abstract The CUORE experiment is the world’s largest bolometric experiment. The detector consists of an array of 988 TeO2 crystals, for a total mass of 742 kg. CUORE is presently taking data at theExpand
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Operational Experience With the Readout System of the MINOS Vertex Tracker
The magic numbers off stability (MINOS) vertex tracker is a compact instrument built for in-beam spectroscopy of exotic nuclei. Its main component is a ~30–cm-long hollow cylinder shape timeExpand
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