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Deliver us from Evil: The Effects of Mortality Salience and Reminders of 9/11 on Support for President George W. Bush
According to terror management theory, heightened concerns about mortality should intensify the appeal of charismatic leaders. To assess this idea, we investigated how thoughts about death and theExpand
Leading at the top: Understanding women's challenges above the glass ceiling
Abstract Women leaders contribute positively to organizations yet remain significantly underrepresented in corporate leadership positions. While the challenges women face are well-documented, lessExpand
Women and Top Leadership Positions: : Towards an Institutional Analysis
Women remain under-represented in top leadership positions in work organizations, a reality that reflects a variety of barriers that create a glass ceiling effect. However, some women do attain topExpand
Mortality salience and the spreading activation of worldview-relevant constructs: exploring the cognitive architecture of terror management.
Seven experiments assessed the hypothesis derived from terror management theory that reminding people of their mortality would increase accessibility of constructs central to their worldview.Expand
Above the glass ceiling: When are women and racial/ethnic minorities promoted to CEO?
Using a dataset of all CEO transitions in Fortune 500 companies over a 15-year period, we analyze mechanisms that shape the promotion probabilities and leadership tenure of women and racial/ethnicExpand
Not all self-affirmations were created equal: The cognitive and social benefits of affirming the intrinsic (vs. extrinsic) self
Abstract Three studies investigated whether affirming the self intrinsically (vs. extrinsically) would reduce defensive concerns and improve cognitive and social functioning in evaluative contexts.Expand
Cancer and the threat of death: the cognitive dynamics of death-thought suppression and its impact on behavioral health intentions.
Five studies examined the cognitive association between thoughts of cancer and thoughts of death and their implication for screening intentions. Study 1 found that explicit contemplation of cancerExpand
Mediation Testing in Management Research
The authors review and critique the conduct and reporting of mediation analyses in 409 studies published in five leading organization studies journals over the past 25 years. The aim of the study isExpand
Terror Management in the Courtroom: Exploring the Effects of Mortality Salience on Legal Decision Making.
... When considering the powerful intimations of mortality an event like 9/11 could elicit, the legal ramifications can be quite disturbing. ... TMT research has explicated some of the cognitive andExpand