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‘Believe Me Ever Most Truly and Affectly Yours’: John Robinson and Charles Jenkinson: Friendship and Sentiment within and without the Corridors of Power
Recent scholarship has subjected eighteenth-century masculine identities to complex and contested analyses, but paid relatively little attention to friendship. The correspondence between CharlesExpand
The Domination of Lowtherism and Toryism in Westmorland Parliamentary Elections, 1818–1895
Abstract A comparison of Westmorland elections at either end of the nineteenth century illustrates how a wider franchise could mean less popular involvement in the political process and a tighteningExpand
‘The potent spirit of the black‐browed Jacko’: new light on the impact of John Robinson on high politics in the era of the American Revolution, 1770–84
John Robinson was a treasury secretary of obscure origin, extraordinarily diligent, efficient and persistent. Viscerally conservative, he had no place in whig history until analysis of hisExpand
Lowther MPs in the Era of Aristocratic Decline, 1880–1922: 'Rebellious and Rootless'?
Abstract An aspect of David Cannadine's portrait of British aristocratic decline after 1880 is the way in which increasingly erratic parliamentary behaviour reflected a loss of political confidenceExpand