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Spatially Variable Rate Herbicide Application on Durum Wheat in Sicily
Using the conventional farming system, durum wheat requires high rates of herbicide spraying. Herbicide residues can cause pollution of soil and ground water and, therefore, of the entireExpand
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Current state and future of biogas and digestate production.
CompAretti, A., p. Febo, C. Gre Co and S. orl Ando, 2013. Current state and future of biogas and digestate production. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 1-14 Over the past few years, the worldwide cost ofExpand
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Positioning accuracy comparison of GNSS receivers used for mapping and guidance of agricultural machines
We compare the positioning accuracy of four GNSS receivers, different for technical features and working modes: L1/L2 frequency survey-grade Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)-capable Stonex S7-G (S7); L1 frequency RTK-capable Thales MobileMapper Pro (TMMP); low-cost Quanum GPS Logger V2 (QLV2). Expand
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Evaluation of potential biogas production in Sicily.
The aim of the present work is to predict the Sicilian potential biogas production, using the above raw materials. The statistical data about OFMSW, the number of animals bred on medium and largeExpand
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Mapping of penetrometer resistance in relation to tractor traffic using multivariate geostatistics
Abstract The traffic of agricultural machines can cause soil compaction and high variability of soil structure, both along normal lines and along those parallel to the field plane. The aim of thisExpand
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Accuracy assessment and position correction for low-cost non-differential GPS as applied on an industrial peat bog
A low-cost, non-differentially corrected hand-held GPS receiver was tested on an industrial peat production bog. A correction procedure (‘pseudo-differential correction’) was derived that correctedExpand
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Sicilian potential biogas production
This study is aimed at predicting the Sicilian potential biogas production, using the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW), animal manure and food industry by-products, in a region whereExpand
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Effects of vermicompost, compost and digestate as commercial alternative peat-based substrates on qualitative parameters of Salvia officinalis
Peat is a common substrate used for the cultivation of potted plants. However, the use of peat in horticulture has recently been questioned from an environmental standpoint, since it is aExpand
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Survey of the Mean Pressure Exerted by a Wide Range of Tractors on the Soil
In order to predict the mean pressure exerted by a vehicle tyre on the soil, in 1984 Plackett suggested measuring the contact area of a tyre on a hard surface. The model proposed by Hallonborg inExpand
Valorisation of urban green areas for producing renewable energy and biochar as growing substrate of Sicilian aromatic and nutraceutical species in a circular economy
This work is aimed at evaluating the possible building up of a gasifier for the energy valorisation of residual biomass deriving from urban areas and their surroundings. The area and the volumes ofExpand
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