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Think Generic!: The Meaning and Use of Generic Sentences
Generic sentences constitute a prevalent linguistic phenomenon, and much of our knowledge about the world is expressed using these constructions. In this dissertation we provide a theory of meaningExpand
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Relative Readings of Many, Often, and Generics
In addition to the familiar cardinal and proportional readings of many and few, there is yet another interpretation, the relative proportional reading. This reading, unlike the ordinary absoluteExpand
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Generics, Frequency Adverbs, and Probability
Generics and frequency statements are puzzling phenomena: they are lawlike, yet contingent. Expand
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Topic, Focus, and the Interpretation of Bare Plurals
In this paper we show that focus structure determines the interpretation of bare plurals in English: topic bare plurals are interpreted generically, focused bare plurals are interpretedExpand
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The images of scientists and science among Hebrew- and Arabic-speaking pre-service teachers in Israel
This study investigated the image of scientists held by Israeli pre-service teachers, the majority of whom were female. The population consisted of students belonging to two cultures, Hebrew-speakingExpand
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The Russian Military and the Georgia War: Lessons and Implications
The Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) is part of the U.S. Army War College and is the strategic-level study agent for issues related to national security and military strategy with emphasis onExpand
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Generics and Mental Representations
It is widely agreed that generics tolerate exceptions. It turns out, however, thatexceptions are tolerated only so long as they do not violate homogeneity:when the exceptions are not concentrated inExpand
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Russia, Islam, and the War on Terrorism: An Uneasy Future
The terrorist attacks on the United States have forced many countries to confront their own Islamic threats. Russia is one country that faces an uncertain future, surrounded by tough neighbors in anExpand
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Shevardnadze's Journey
JUST AS A silverback is chased out from his leadership position by aggressive younger males, Eduard Shevardnadze, nicknamed in his country "Silver Fox"--Tetri Melia in Georgian--resigned hisExpand
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A semantic explanation for the External Argument Generalization
Abstract-Er nominals usually obey the External Argument Generalization: the argument of the nominal receives the thematic role that the verb assigns to its external argument. I argue that thisExpand
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