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The Littlest Higgs
We present an economical theory of natural electroweak symmetry breaking, generalizing an approach based on deconstruction. This theory is the smallest extension of the Standard Model to date that
Very special relativity.
It is found that VSR implies special relativity (SR) in the context of local quantum field theory or of conservation, and provides a simulacrum of SR for which most of the consequences of Lorentz invariance remain wholly or essentially intact.
(De)constructing dimensions.
It is shown that renormalizable, asymptotically free, four-dimensional gauge theories that dynamically generate a fifth dimension are constructed.
Deconstructing (2,0) and Little String Theories
We argue that two four-dimensional strongly coupled superconformal field theories, on the Higgs branch in certain large N limits, become respectively (2,0) theory and (1,1) little string theory in
Supersymmetry on a euclidean spacetime lattice 1. A target theory with four supercharges
We formulate a euclidean spacetime lattice whose continuum limit is (2,2) supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in two dimensions, a theory which possesses four supercharges and an anomalous global chiral
Effective field theory, black holes, and the cosmological constant
Bekenstein has proposed the bound S{le}{pi}M{sup 2}{sub P}L{sup 2} on the total entropy S in a volume L{sup 3} . This nonextensive scaling suggests that quantum field theory breaks down in large
Pair creation constrains superluminal neutrino propagation.
It is found that most of the neutrino would have suffered several pair emissions en route, causing the beam to be depleted of higher energy neutrinos, presenting a significant challenge to the superluminal interpretation of the OPERA data.