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An Introduction to Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
“Working the Web,” “Reporting a Disease Outbreak,” and “What Makes a Good Reporter?” Given the extensive collection of information, how could anyone fail to learn something useful from reading thisExpand
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All Admissible Linear Estimates of the Mean Vector
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Double-scattering calculations and laboratory dye-laser multiple scattering measurements
The multiple-scattering effects on laser pulses transmitted through and scattered by clouds and aerosol layers were calculated and discussed by several authors. Special attention has been given toExpand
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Scattering of a linearly polarized incidence at arbitrary angle to incident plane of infinite tilted cylinders.
  • A. Cohen
  • Physics, Medicine
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  • 1 April 1980
The general solution of the scattering and extinction of a plane electromagnetic wave by a tilted infinite cylinder is discussed. The scattering equations are extended to the general case withExpand
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Multiple scattering: Theoretical calculations compared with experimental dye-laser measurements
Multiple-scattering calculations (for scattering angle θ = 90°) including single, double, triple, and fourth orders of scattering are compared with laboratory dye-laser scattering data as functionsExpand
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A result on hypothesis testing for a multivariate normal distribution when some observations are missing
Let Ui = (Xi, Yi), i = 1, 2,..., n, be a random sample from a bivariate normal distribution with mean [mu] = ([mu]x, [mu]y) and covariance matrix . Let Xi, i = n + 1,..., N represent additionalExpand
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Tables for the Sign Test When Observations are Estimates of Binomial Parameters
A necessary condition for the sign test is the following: under Ho, Pr [x > y] + ½ Pr [x = y] = ½, where x and y are observations before and after treatment respectively. However, if the observationsExpand