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Atom transfer radical cyclisation reactions mediated by copper complexes.
  • A. Clark
  • Chemistry
    Chemical Society reviews
  • 6 March 2002
Recent advances in the use of copper complexes in mediating atom transfer radical cyclisation reactions (ATRC) are described, including the design of activated complexes which mediate the cyclisation of tri-, di-, and mono-halo derived substrates at ambient temperatures.
Mechanical Properties of Hemp Fibre Reinforced Euphorbia Composites
A composite material consisting of hydroxide-modified hemp fibres and euphorbia resin was produced. The composites were tested in tension, short-beam interlaminar shear stress and in impact. There
A design of experiments (DoE) approach to material properties optimization of electrospun nanofibers
Using an electrospinning technique, polymer materials have been spun using electrostatic potential to create a fiber mat. To develop the electrospinning opportunities available for practical
Degradation product emission from historic and modern books by headspace SPME/GC–MS: evaluation of lipid oxidation and cellulose hydrolysis
Volatile organic compounds emitted from a several decade series of bound periodicals (1859–1939) printed on ground wood paper, as well as historical books dating from the 1500s to early 1800s made
Solid-supported copper catalysts for atom-transfer radical cyclizations: assessment of support type and ligand structure on catalyst performance in the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles.
A range of solid supported pyridinemethanimine 9-11 and polyamine 12-15 ligands have been prepared on silica, polystyrene, and JandaJel supports and the type of support had very little effect upon the efficiency and selectivity of the processes but that the nature of the ligand type immobilized was the important factor.
Degradation Studies of Polyurethanes Based on Vegetable Oils. Part 2. Thermal Degradation and Materials Properties
Polyurethanes (PUs), produced by cross-linking with a di-isocyanate hydroxylated vegetable oils (rapeseed and sunflower), have been examined from the viewpoints of their thermal degradation and their
Copper Catalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Cyclization Reactions
Atom transfer radical cyclization (ATRC) is a powerful technique to prepare functionalized 4–10 membered ring systems using transition metal catalysts. In this review recent advances in the use of