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An Urban Surface Exchange Parameterisation for Mesoscale Models
A scheme to represent the impact of urban buildings on airflow in mesoscale atmospheric models is presented. In the scheme, the buildings are not explicitly resolved, but their effects on theExpand
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BUBBLE – an Urban Boundary Layer Meteorology Project
SummaryThe Basel UrBan Boundary Layer Experiment (BUBBLE) was a year-long experimental effort to investigate in detail the boundary layer structure in the City of Basel, Switzerland. At several sitesExpand
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A new building energy model coupled with an urban canopy parameterization for urban climate simulations—part I. formulation, verification, and sensitivity analysis of the model
The generation of heat in buildings, and the way this heat is exchanged with the exterior, plays an important role in urban climate. To analyze the impact on urban climate of a change in the urbanExpand
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A Correction Method for Use in Multidimensional Time-Splitting Advection Algorithms: Application to Two- and Three-Dimensional Transport
Abstract Meteorological and air quality models rely on accurately solving the advection equation in two and three dimensions. While a number of methods have been developed, all suffer from theExpand
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Summer ozone episodes in the Greater Madrid area. Analyzing the ozone response to abatement strategies by modelling
Abstract The development of ozone control strategies requires analysing the sensitivity of the dispersion model used to changes in emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and volatile organic compounds.Expand
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Effect of Sea Breeze on Air Pollution in the Greater Athens Area. Part I: Numerical Simulations and Field Observations
Abstract Numerical simulations compared with field measurements are used to explain the effect of sea breezes on photochemical smog episodes in Athens during the Mediterranean Campaign ofExpand
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Air quality modelling over Bogota, Colombia : Combined techniques to estimate and evaluate emission inventories
Two versions of the Emission Inventory (EI) are generated for the city of Bogota, Colombia. In the first version (EI-1), CORINAIR traffic emission factors (EFs) are used. In the second (EI-2), bulkExpand
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On the impact of urban surface exchange parameterisations on air quality simulations: the Athens case
Abstract Most of the standard mesoscale models represent the dynamic and thermodynamic surface exchanges in urban areas with the same technique used for rural areas (based on Monin–Obukhov similarityExpand
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The preliminary study of urbanization, fossil fuels consumptions and CO 2 emission in Karachi
According to population, Karachi is the first largest city of Pakistan and 9th largest in the world. During last three decades, it has faced mass urbanization, huge population growth, many foldExpand
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On the design and assessment of regional air quality plans: The SHERPA approach.
Although significant progress has been made in Europe regarding air quality, problems still remain acute for some pollutants, notably NO2 and Particulate Matter (fine and coarse fractions) inExpand
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