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[Morphologic and ultrastructural changes of soft palate in patients who underwent palatopharyngoplasty].
The authors evaluated only 16 OSAS patients' soft palate and uvula and observed histological changes in all of them: submucosal edema and minor salivary glandes ipertrophy and iperplasy are present, and ronflement and apneas determined the observed alterations through trauma on pharingeal wall.
[Brain stem auditory evoked potentials in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome].
BAEP alterations noted in the OSAS-affected patients are neither constant nor specific, and the observed BAEP alterations might be due to apneas, as a consequence of the chronic hypoxic- hypercapnic status occurring in the brain-stem.
[The influence of thermal variations on gustatory sensitivity].
  • M. Maurizi, A. Cimino
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    Bollettino delle malattie dell'orecchio, della…
  • 1 November 1961
[The treatment of ENT phlogosis: seaprose S vs. nimesulide].
The analysis of the data obtained allows the therapeutic use of seaprose S in the treatment of phlogosis of ENT relevance, since it has shown efficacy comparable to that of a NSAID such as nimesulide, but with greater safety, to be supported.
Role of radiation therapy in glomus tumor.
Since 1964, the authors have given radiotherapy to patients older than 65 with glomus tumors that had invaded posterior and medial cranial fossa and carotid canal (type C-D, according to Fisch) and adhered to the following therapeutic principles.
The use of hearing aids in children with profound deafness. Methodology and results
The "dynamic application" is effective because of the better results in speech therapy and also because its ratio permits the application of hearing aids in children with hearing loss of different degrees, especially in the most difficult cases.