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Scaling limits of dS vacua and the swampland
A bstractWe discuss the properties of massive type IIA flux compactifications. In particular, we investigate in which case one can obtain dS vacua at large volume and small coupling. We support aExpand
Do all BPS black hole microstates carry zero angular momentum?
A bstractFrom the analysis of the near horizon geometry and supersymmetry algebra it has been argued that all the microstates of single centered BPS black holes with four unbroken supersymmetriesExpand
Dyonic black hole degeneracies in $\mathcal{N} = 4$ string theory from Dabholkar-Harvey degeneracies
The degeneracies of single-centered dyonic $\frac14$-BPS black holes (BH) in Type II string theory on K3$\times T^2$ are known to be coefficients of certain mock Jacobi forms arising from the IgusaExpand
Black hole bound state metamorphosis
A bstract$ \mathcal{N}=4 $ supersymmetric string theories contain negative discriminant states whose numbers are known precisely from microscopic counting formulæ. On the macroscopic side, theseExpand
Phase structure of higher spin black holes
A bstractWe revisit the study of the phase structure of higher spin black holes carried out in arXiv: 1210.0284 using the “canonical formalism”. In particular we study the low as well as the highExpand
Subcutoff microwave driven plasma ion sources for multielemental focused ion beam systems.
A compact microwave driven plasma ion source for focused ion beam applications has been developed. Several gas species have been experimented including argon, krypton, and hydrogen. The plasma,Expand
Localized subsurface modification of materials using micro-low-energy multiple ion beamlets
Generation of focused multiple ion beamlets from an intense microwave plasma source is investigated for the creation of localized subsurface modification of materials. Unlike conventional singleExpand
Experimental investigation of change in sheet resistance and Debye temperatures in metallic thin films due to low-energy ion beam irradiation
We present a systematic experimental investigation of low-energy (0?1?kV) ion irradiation induced changes in sheet resistivity and Debye temperatures in metallic nano-films of Ag, Cu and Al ofExpand
Topological susceptibility in lattice Yang-Mills theory with open boundary condition
A bstractWe find that using open boundary condition in the temporal direction can yield the expected value of the topological susceptibility in lattice SU(3) Yang-Mills theory. As a further check, weExpand
Effect of beam limiting aperture and collector potential on multi-element focused ion beams.
A compact microwave driven plasma based multi-element focused ion beam system has been developed. In the present work, the effect of reduced beam limiter (BL) aperture on the focused ion beamExpand