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A Portrait of Older Californians With Disabilities Who Rely on Public Services to Remain Independent
Low-income older adults with disabilities in California depend on a variety of public programs to help them remain in their own homes. The availability of those services has been in flux since 2009Expand
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Independence at risk: older Californians with disabilities struggle to remain at home as public supports shrink.
This policy brief presents findings from a yearlong study that closely followed a small but typical set of older Californians with disabilities who depend on fragile arrangements of paid publicExpand
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Holding On: Older Californians with Disabilities Rely on Public Services to Remain Independent
Low-income older Californians with disabilities depend on a variety of public programs to remain in their own homes. This policy note provides the first findings from a project that is following aExpand
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‘“La Choy Chinese Food Swings American?:”’ Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurship and American Orientalism Before World War II
  • A. Choi
  • Political Science
  • 1 October 2016
Abstract This article traces the early years of La Choy Food Products, a company that pioneered the mass production of Chinese food for home consumption in the early part of the twentieth century inExpand
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"Hawaii Has Been My America": Generation, Gender and Korean Immigrant Experience in Hawai'I Before World War II
With 2003 marking the centennial of Korean immigration to the United States, it seems an opportune time to rethink some of the key paradigms that have defined contemporary understandings of pre-WorldExpand
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“Are They Koreaned Enough?” Generation and the Korean Independence Movement before World War II
In the two decades before World War II, Auh was hardly a minority in voicing these concerns. Indeed, the issue of being "Koreaned" enough dominated the generational debates in Korean communities inExpand
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