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Quantum cascade laser.
A semiconductor injection laser that differs in a fundamental way from diode lasers has been demonstrated. It is built out of quantum semiconductor structures that were grown by molecular beamExpand
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Sensitive absorption spectroscopy with a room-temperature distributed-feedback quantum-cascade laser.
We report what we believe are the first spectroscopic measurements to be made with a room-temperature quantum-cascade distributed-feedback laser. Using wavelength modulation spectroscopy, we detectedExpand
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Optimized second-harmonic generation in quantum cascade lasers
Optimized second-harmonic generation (SHG) in quantum cascade (QC) lasers with specially designed active regions is reported. Nonlinear optical cascades of resonantly coupled intersubband transitionsExpand
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Quantum cascade lasers: ultrahigh-speed operation, optical wireless communication, narrow linewidth, and far-infrared emission
Following an introduction to the history of the invention of the quantum cascade (QC) laser and of the band-structure engineering advances that have led to laser action over most of the mid-infraredExpand
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High-power high-speed photodetectors-design, analysis, and experimental demonstration
A novel velocity-matched distributed photodetector (VMDP) is proposed to simultaneously achieve high saturation photocurrent and broad bandwidth. Theoretical analysis on the tradeoff betweenExpand
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Resonant cavity light‐emitting diode
A novel concept of a light‐emitting diode (LED) is proposed and demonstrated in which the active region of the device is placed in a resonant optical cavity. As a consequence, the optical emissionExpand
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Spectroscopic detection of biological NO with a quantum cascade laser
Abstract.Two configurations of a continuous wave quantum cascade distributed feedback laser-based gas sensor for the detection of NO at a parts per billion (ppb) concentration level, typical ofExpand
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Kilohertz linewidth from frequency-stabilized mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers.
Frequency stabilization of mid-IR quantum cascade (QC) lasers to the kilohertz level has been accomplished by use of electronic servo techniques. With this active feedback, an 8.5-microm QCExpand
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Photoacoustic spectroscopy using quantum-cascade lasers.
Photoacoustic spectra of ammonia and water vapor were recorded by use of a continuous-wave quantum-cascade distributed-feedback (QC-DFB) laser at 8.5 mum with a 16-mW power output. The gases wereExpand
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Quantum cascade lasers with double metal-semiconductor waveguide resonators
Quantum cascade (QC) lasers with double metal-semiconductor waveguide resonators are reported for operating wavelengths of 19, 21, and 24 μm. The waveguides are based on surface-plasmon modesExpand
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