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Spherical whispering‐gallery‐mode microresonators
Whispering-gallery modes (WGM) on a spherical surface were first described by Lord Rayleigh at the beginning of the last century, but only after the invention of laser did they start to have someExpand
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Luminescence and Amplified Stimulated Emission in CdSe–ZnS‐Nanocrystal‐Doped TiO2 and ZrO2 Waveguides
A reproducible route for the preparation of high-quality CdSe–ZnS-doped titania and zirconia waveguides is presented. The optical properties of the resultant composite materials are found to beExpand
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Clustering of rare earth in glasses, aluminum effect: experiments and modeling
Luminescent spectra of Eu 3+ -doped sol–gel glasses have been analyzed during the densification process and compared according to the presence or not of aluminum as a codoping ion. A transitionExpand
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Acoustic dynamics of network-forming glasses at mesoscopic wavelengths
The lack of long-range structural order in amorphous solids induces well known thermodynamic anomalies, which are the manifestation of distinct peculiarities in the vibrational spectrum. Although theExpand
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Design of photonic structures by sol-gel-derived silica nanospheres
Abstract Sol–gel processing was used to obtain monosized silica spheres of 270 nm in diameter. Starting from these spheres, two different systems have been fabricated: (i) 3D Photonic Crystals byExpand
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Mechanisms of Ag to Er energy transfer in silicate glasses: A photoluminescence study
The photoluminescence properties of a silicate glass coactivated with silver and erbium ions were studied. Absorption and photoluminescence spectra allowed to distinguish in the glasses severalExpand
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An alternative method to obtain direct opal photonic crystal structures
We describe the protocol that we have elaborated in order to obtain monosize polystyrene spheres. Starting from these spheres a simple and effective method, based on spin-coating technique, wasExpand
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Photonic crystals for monitoring fatigue phenomena in steel structures
This paper introduces the concept and development of a strain sensing system for structural application based on the properties of photonic crystals. Photonic crystals are artificially createdExpand
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Optimization and Characterization of Rare-Earth-Doped Photonic-Crystal-Fiber Amplifier Using Genetic Algorithm
A genetic-algorithm (GA) procedure has been ad hoc implemented to obtain a tool for both design and characterization of rare-earth-doped optical amplifiers and lasers. Expand
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Erbium activated HfO2 based glass-ceramics waveguides for photonics
Abstract (100 − x)SiO2 − xHfO2 (x = 10, 20, 30 mol) glass–ceramics planar waveguides activated by 0.3 mol% Er3+ ions were prepared by sol–gel route, using dip-coating deposition on v-SiO2 substrates.Expand
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