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Invertebrate Zoology
Handbuch der Zoologie: eine Naturgeschichte der Stä mme des Tierreiches. Gegrü ndet von Prof. Dr. Willy Kü kenthal. Herausgegeben von Dr. Thilo Krumbach. Dritter Band: Tardigrada, Pentastomida,Expand
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Asteroseismology of RXJ 2117+3412, the hottest pulsating PG 1159 star
The pulsating PG 1159 planetary nebula central star RXJ 2117+3412 has been observed over three successive seasons of a multisite photometric campaign. The asteroseismological analysis of the data,Expand
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Taxonomic Identity of a Tetrodotoxin-Accumulating Ribbon-worm Cephalothrix simula (Nemertea: Palaeonemertea): A Species Artificially Introduced from the Pacific to Europe
We compared the anatomy of the holotype of the palaeonemertean Cephalothrix simula (Iwata, 1952) with that of the holotypes of Cephalothrix hongkongiensis Sundberg, Gibson and Olsson, 2003 andExpand
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Triticella minini - a new ctenostome bryozoan from the abyssal plain adjacent to the Kuril-Kamchatka Trench
A new species of ctenostome bryozoan, Triticella minini sp. nov., is described from the abyssal plain adjacent to the Kuril–Kamchatka Trench, based on material collected by the Russian-GermanExpand
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Two new species of deep-sea nemerteans from the SoJaBio expedition in the Sea of Japan
Abstract Two new nemertean species from the deep-sea, Cephalothrix iwatai sp. nov. and Micrura bathyalis sp. nov., are described and illustrated from material collected in the Sea of Japan during theExpand
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Taxonomy and phylogeny of Lineus torquatus and allies (Nemertea, Lineidae) with descriptions of a new genus and a new cryptic species
The heteronemertean genus Lineus Sowerby, 1806 has been badly in need of revision because of its apparent non-monophyly. In this paper, we focus on Lineus torquatus Coe, 1901, one of theExpand
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Measurement of scattering properties of individual particles with a scanning flow cytometer.
A hydrofocusing head with an optical cuvette has been developed for the flow cytometer to generate complete scatter patterns of single particles at scattering angles ranging from 10° to 120°. TheExpand
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Phylogeny of Nemertea with special interest in the placement of diversity from Far East Russia and northeast Asia
Recent investigations, based mostly on molecular data, have unraveled the evolutionary history of several common ribbon worm (phylum Nemertea) species and solidified the taxonomic status of manyExpand
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