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Invertebrate Zoology
Handbuch der Zoologie: eine Naturgeschichte der Stä mme des Tierreiches. Gegrü ndet von Prof. Dr. Willy Kü kenthal. Herausgegeben von Dr. Thilo Krumbach. Dritter Band: Tardigrada, Pentastomida,
Asteroseismology of RXJ 2117+3412, the hottest pulsating PG 1159 star
The pulsating PG 1159 planetary nebula central star RXJ 2117+3412 has been observed over three successive seasons of a multisite photometric campaign. The asteroseismological analysis of the data,
Taxonomic Identity of a Tetrodotoxin-Accumulating Ribbon-worm Cephalothrix simula (Nemertea: Palaeonemertea): A Species Artificially Introduced from the Pacific to Europe
Analysis of COI sequence showed that the Hiroshima population can be identified as C. simula, which has been found in previous studies from Trieste, Italy, and also from both the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of the Iberian Peninsula, indicating an artificial introduction via ballast water, ship-fouling communities, or the commercially cultured oyster Crassostrea gigas brought from Japan to France in 1970s.
Classification System of the Higher Taxa of Enoplan Nemerteans (NEMERTEA, ENOPLA)
The main classifications of the subclass Enopla were revised, and a new classification of enoplan nemerteans was proposed, and the following new taxa were distinguished.
Measurement of scattering properties of individual particles with a scanning flow cytometer.
Scattering data measured with the flow cytometer have been compared with those calculated from Mie theory for latex particles and a calculation algorithm has been used to estimate the size and the refractive index of spherical particles from the scattering data measured.
Deep-water Bryozoa from the Kuril Basin, Sea of Okhotsk