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Incidence of aflatoxins in Iran pistachio nuts.
Pistachio nuts produced in Iran during March 2002-February 2003 analyzed for aflatoxin B1, aflat toxin B2, a Flatoxin G1 (AFG1) and a flatoxin G2 (AFg2) using immunoaffinity column and quantitated by HPLC and/or TLC-scanner.
Incidence of patulin contamination in apple juice produced in Iran
Patulin is a secondary metabolite produced mainly in rotten parts of apples by a wide range of fungi. Due to its mutagenic and teratogenic nature and possible health risks to consumers, many
Evaluation of availability, accessibility and prescribing pattern of medicines in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Prescribing, dispensing, availability and affordability of drugs were evaluated in 100 primary health care centres in 5 provinces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and rational use of drugs needs to be emphasized.
Incidence of Vibrio spp. in shrimp caught off the south coast of Iran
To examine shrimp caught off the south coast of Iran, 770 samples of fresh shrimp collected from either sea or shrimp farm were tested for possible presence of Vibrio spp, and no contamination of shrimp with V. cholerae was observed.
Clinical efficacy of convalescent plasma for treatment of COVID-19 infections: Results of a multicenter clinical study
This clinical study provides strong evidence to support the efficacy of convalescent plasma therapy in COVID-19 patients and recommends this treatment for management of these patients.
Iran Pharmaceutical Market
Government of Iran has invested considerably on the pharmaceutical industry over the past decades but it seems that this investment, mainly due to the lack of R&D activities and unanimous subsidies, has not been proportionately fruitful for Iran’s health system.
Availability of blood components and plasma derived medicines in Iran.
  • A. Cheraghali
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    Transfusion and apheresis science : official…
  • 1 August 2007
Irrational use of blood components and low surveillance on use of plasma derived medicines, which are highly subsidized by the government, is a major challenge in transfusion medicines in Iran.
Effect of Garlic Extract on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and the Role of Nitric Oxide
The efficacy of garlic therapy and a combination of garlic and vitamin A were compared with an antimonial drug to assess healing and regulation of NO release in mice infected with Leishmania major.
Effect of roasting on degradation of Aflatoxins in contaminated pistachio nuts.
Effect of roasting on reduction of AFs content in pistachio nuts has been tested in a laboratory setting with aiming to suggest an optimal condition for the roasting, and AFs in form of naturally occurrence were more resistant to degradation with heat.
Availability, affordability, and prescribing pattern of medicines in Sudan
The overall availability of essential medicines in the public health centers and private pharmacies of Sudan was acceptable and adherence to standard treatment guidelines for managing common and widely spread diseases such as diarrhea and malaria was low.