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Measuring the efficiency of decision making units
Abstract A nonlinear (nonconvex) programming model provides a new definition of efficiency for use in evaluating activities of not-for-profit entities participating in public programs. A scalarExpand
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Programming with linear fractional functionals
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Data Envelopment Analysis Theory, Methodology and Applications
Preface G. Kozmetsky. Part I: Concepts, Models & Computation. 1. Introduction. 2. Basic DEA Models. 3. Extensions to DEA Models. 4. Computational Aspects of DEA A. Iqbal Ali. 5. DEA SoftwareExpand
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Chance-Constrained Programming
A new conceptual and analytical vehicle for problems of temporal planning under uncertainty, involving determination of optimal sequential stochastic decision rules is defined and illustrated byExpand
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Management Models and Industrial Applications of Linear Programming
An accelerating increase in linear programming applications to industrial problems has made it virtually impossible to keep abreast of them, not only because of their number and diversity but alsoExpand
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Deterministic Equivalents for Optimizing and Satisficing under Chance Constraints
Chance constrained programming admits random data variations and permits constraint violations up to specified probability limits. Different kinds of decision rules and optimizing objectives may beExpand
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Polyhedral Cone-Ratio DEA Models with an illustrative application to large commercial banks
Abstract Polyhedral Cone-Ratio Data Envelopment Analysis Models generalizing the CCR Ratio Model are developed for situations with a finite number of DMUs and employing polyhedral cones of virtualExpand
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A developmental study of data envelopment analysis in measuring the efficiency of maintenance units in the U.S. air forces
Abstract : There are four basic questions related to efficiency and capability which are of particular interest to officials in the military services who are interested in better ways of evaluatingExpand
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Optimal Estimation of Executive Compensation by Linear Programming
Linear programming, as an optimizing method for handling a mass of interacting variables, has received considerable attention in applications to such problems as production scheduling, logistics, andExpand
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Preface to topics in data envelopment analysis
This paper serves as an introduction to a series of three papers which are directed to different aspects of DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) as follows: (1) uses and extensions of window analyses' toExpand
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