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Why university students choose an international education: A case study in Malaysia
Why has Australian offshore higher education become the educational investment of choice for many students? What benefits do students anticipate from this education? What is the relationship betweenExpand
Coping strategies for adaptation to new teacher appointments: Intervention for retention
Abstract Findings are presented from a qualitative longitudinal collective case study of 29 teachers newly appointed to rural or remote schools in Western Australia. All participants experiencedExpand
Quality, identity and practice in offshore university programmes: issues in the internationalization of Australian higher education
This paper reports the findings of qualitative case studies aimed at exploring student experiences of offshore programmes delivered in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia by Australian universities.Expand
Culture shock and the international student ‘offshore’
English Within the context of higher education, it is the international student who travels to another country to study who is typically identified as the subject at risk of culture shock. This paperExpand
Women's History
Dilemmas in the formation of student identity in offshore higher education: a case study in Hong Kong
This paper explores the impact of the internationalization of higher education on the formation of student identity. It does so in the context of increasing developments in offshore education and theExpand
Surviving the Assault? The Australian Disability Movement and the Neoliberal Workfare State
This article provides an analysis of the key areas of struggle for the Australian disability movement during the Howard years of government. After providing a brief overview of the AustralianExpand
Language Practices in School Mathematics: A Social Semiotic Approach
With a view to contributing to understandings of the nature and role of language in mathematics education, this book examines the spoken language practices of school mathematics. Prevailing views ofExpand