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Becoming Academicians: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Figured Worlds of Racially Underrepresented Female Faculty
AbstractResearch that exclusively focuses on pre-tenure racially underrepresented female faculty remains scarce. Our aim is to shed light on these rarely documented experiences in an effort to
Identity Production in Figured Worlds: How Some Multiracial Students Become Racial Atravesados/as
Using Holland et al.’s (Identity and agency in cultural worlds, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1998) theory of identity and their concept of figured worlds, this article provides an overview of
Multiracial matters – disrupting and reinforcing the racial rubric in educational discourse
When studying matters of race and education, there seems to be an assumption that the inclusion of all monoracial populations equates to a comprehensive look at all students, particularly students of
We are stronger together: reflective testimonios of female scholars of color in a research and writing collective
In this paper, five female scholars of color utilize the method of testimonio (testimony) to document their individual lived experiences as members of a three-year long research and writing
“Call Me a Little Critical if You Will”
This article examined a group of Latina students studying abroad. It highlighted ways in which identity manifests itself for Latinas in different contexts. It used counterstories, stories of
Undocumented to Hyperdocumented: A Jornada of Protection, Papers, and PhD Status
In this personal essay, Aurora Chang describes her experience of hyperdocumentation— the effort to accrue awards, accolades, and eventually academic degrees to compensate for her undocumented status.
Resisting the Orthodox Smart Label: High School Latinas and the Redefinition of Smartness on the Western Frontier
ABSTRACT Drawing from Chicana feminist epistemology and counter-storytelling, this article argues that Latina high school students’ refusal to attach the culturally constructed and hegemonically
Assistant professors of color confront the inequitable terrain of academia: a community cultural wealth perspective
Abstract This qualitative study adopted Yosso’s community cultural wealth (CCW) framework to examine how 16 assistant professors of color (APOC) drew upon various forms of capital (navigational,
Figured Worlds and American Dreams: An Exploration of Agency and Identity Among Latinx Undocumented Students
Undocumented students find themselves on continuously shifting ground, calibrating each decision they make in accordance with or as a strategic reaction to the existing political climate.
Undocumented intelligence: laying low by achieving high – an ‘illegal alien’s’ co-option of school and citizenship
Abstract In this article, I relay the irony of my own path as an ‘illegal alien’ in the US – identifying the tension between being a successful student earning straight As and accolades for good