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In the title compound, C15H11N3, the cyclohexene ring adopts a sofa conformation. Expand
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Synthesis and characterization of epoxy modified cyanate ester POSS nanocomposites
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) viz; namely, Octa functional silsesquioxanes [octa amino (OAPS) and octa glycidyl (OG)] reinforced epoxy modified cyanate ester nanocomposites wereExpand
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Synthesis, crystal growth and properties of the charge transfer complex adduct of 2‐nitro aniline with picric acid – An organic non‐linear optical material
The organic NLO material 2-nitro aniline and picric acid (2NAP) was synthesized, needle shaped single crystals of dimension 10 × 1 × 0.8 mm-3 were grown by slow evaporation solution growth techniqueExpand
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Synthesis, crystal growth and characterization of a new organic NLO material: Caffeinium picrate (CAFP)—A charge transfer molecular complex salt
Abstract Good-optical-quality single crystals of caffeinium picrate (CAFP), a new organic charge transfer molecular complex salt, were successfully grown by the slow evaporation solution growthExpand
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Synthesis, crystal growth, spectral, thermal and optical properties of acenaphthene picrate
The crystalline material of acenaphthene picrate (ACP) was synthesized and the single crystals of the title compound grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique. The solubility of the complexExpand
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Mechanical and surface properties of low-density polyethylene film modified by photo-oxidation
The use of biodegradable polyethylene can help reduce accumulation of inert polyethylene in the environment, as well as soil pollution. The incorporation of pro-oxidant additives into polyethyleneExpand
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Synthesis, structure and characterization of novel metal–organic single crystal: Dibromobis(l-proline)zinc(II)
Abstract Metal organic complex, [Zn(lp)2Br2] (DBPZ), (lp =  l -proline) was synthesized and single crystals were grown by solution growth technique. It was characterized by FT-IR, FT-1H NMR, singleExpand
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Synthesis, growth, spectral and thermal properties of a new organic crystal: 2-carboxypyridin-1-ium trichloroacetate.
A novel organic optical material complex of 2-carboxypyridin-1-ium trichloroacetate has been synthesized and crystals were grown from aqueous solution employing the technique of controlledExpand
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Synthesis, crystal growth, spectral, optical, thermal and dielectric studies of dichloro(4-hydroxy-l-proline)cadmium(II) single crystals
Abstract A semi-organic nonlinear optical material dichloro(4-hydroxy- l -proline)cadmium(II) (DCHPC) of molecular formula [CdCl 2 (C 5 H 9 NO 3 )] has been successfully synthesized and good opticalExpand
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Synthesis, crystal growth, structural, thermal and optical properties of naphthalene picrate an organic NLO material.
Crystalline substance of naphthalene picrate (NP) was synthesized and single crystals were grown using slow evaporation solution growth technique. The solubility of the naphthalene picrate complexExpand
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