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The Ecology of Tsetse (Glossina Spp.) (Diptera, Glossinidae): A Review (1970–1981)
The determination of the age structure of populations has become more relevant to studies on population dynamics and density-dependent factors started being taken into consideration in the assessment of populations. Expand
Ecology and Epidemiological Importance of Glossina Palpalis in the Ivory Coast Forest Zone
The role of man and domestic pigs together with that of fly behaviour and genetic factors in the transmission of the disease are discussed and methods of tsetse control are suggested in the light of the findings. Expand
Methods to calculate survival rate in tsetse fly (Glossina) populations.
I Summary - A simple method of calculating the daily survival rate [or mortality) of a female tsetse population is described, based on the geometric mean survival per ovarian cycle of an age-gradedExpand
A New Morphological Character of Superior Claspers to Differentiate Glossina pallidipes Austen From Glossina longipalpis Wiedemann (Diptera: Glossinidae)
A new character discovered on the superior claspers of male Glossina lonipalpis Wied is described, a ciliated fold in the inner angle of the distal part of the claspers that will facilitate the study of the systematics of these species. Expand
Catch Composition of the Tsetse Glossina pallidipes Austen in Revolving and Stationary Traps With Respect to Age, Sex Ratio and Hunger Stage
A modified biconical trap with attachment of four black strips captured the highest number of both female and male G. pallidipes Austen, and all the stationary traps under-sampled teneral and young tsetse in post-teneral category. Expand
[The control of the vectors of the sleeping sickness caused by Trypanosoma gambiense Dutton (author's transl)].
The methods used at the present time against riverine species vectors of "Gambian sleeping sickness" are stressed and the present trends of the research on tsetse flies ecology, new insecticides, methods of spraying, biological control and the impact on the environment are shown. Expand