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Investigation on mechanism of Cr(VI) reduction and removal by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a novel chromate tolerant bacterium isolated from chromite mine soil.
A strain CSB 9 isolated from chromite mine soil of Sukinda, India was identified as Bacillus amyloliquefaciens based on biochemical and 16S rRNA gene sequencing. The strain exhibited relatively highExpand
Role of Ferulic Acid in the Amelioration of Ionizing Radiation Induced Inflammation: A Murine Model
Ionizing radiation is responsible for oxidative stress by generating reactive oxygen species (ROS), which alters the cellular redox potential. This change activates several redox sensitive enzymesExpand
Effects of gamma radiation on fungi infected rice (in vitro)
Abstract Purpose: This work focuses on the effect of gamma radiation on seed born fungi (in vitro) on Oryza sativa (Swarna, Initial Evaluation Trial-5656). Materials and methods: The responses ofExpand
Comparative effectiveness of vitamin D3 and dietary vitamin E on peroxidation of lipids and enzymes of the hepatic antioxidant system in Sprague--Dawley rats.
The vitamin D-endocrine system has mostly been studied for its role in calcium and phosphorus metabolism and its possible role as an antioxidant has been neglected. This study attempts to elucidateExpand
Plant canopies: bio-monitor and trap for re-suspended dust particulates contaminated with heavy metals
Urban and peri-urban vegetation is being considered for air pollution abatement. Appropriate plants with efficiency to adsorb and absorb air-pollutants are the prerequisite for green spaceExpand
Radiosensitizing effect of ellagic acid on growth of Hepatocellular carcinoma cells: an in vitro study
Failure of treatment for cancer in clinic by radio/chemotherapy is generally attributed to tumour resistance. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies to increase the cytotoxicity of tumourExpand
Copper-stress induced alterations in protein profile and antioxidant enzymes activities in the in vitro grown Withania somnifera L.
Withania somnifera L. seedlings were grown in half-strength MS (Murashige and Skoog) basal medium for 4 weeks and then transferred to full-strength MS liquid medium for 3 weeks. The sustainableExpand
Modulation of some quantitative and qualitative characteristics in rice (Oryza sativa L.) and mung (Phaseolus mungo L.) by ionizing radiation
Abstract The present work describes radiation-induced effects on some morphological characters of a cereal and a pulse-producing crop in India. 60 Co gamma source is used for irradiating (from 50 toExpand
Effects of gamma irradiation on edible seed protein, amino acids and genomic DNA during sterilization
This work describes radiation-induced effects on edible seed protein profiles, carbohydrates, amino acids and genomic DNA during gamma sterilization. The total protein and carbohydrate was decreasedExpand
Synthesis of a novel glucose capped gold nanoparticle as a better theranostic candidate
Gold nanoparticles are predominantly used in diagnostics, therapeutics and biomedical applications. The present study has been designed to synthesize differently capped gold nanoparticles (AuNps) byExpand