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Keys to the nematode parasites of vertebrates : archival volume
This Volume is a republication in one volume of the 10 part Commonwealth Institute of Helminthology's "Keys to the Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates", refreshed and reformatted with the additional convenience of reordering into superfamily.
The evolutionary expansion of the Spirurida.
[A new classification of Trichostrongyloidea nematodes (author's transl)].
It is believed that two families, Amidostomatidae and Strongylacanthidae evolved from ancestors close to the Ancylostomatoïdea, and the principal evolution of the group seems to have occurred during the Secondary Era in Gondwanaland.
La lignée Dipetalonema. Nouvel essai de classification
En confrontant l’evolution morphologique avec le spectre d’hotes et la repartition geographique, nous sommes amenes a supposer que les Dipetalonema sensu largo correspondent a une lignee
Enhanced gametocyte formation by Plasmodium chabaudi in immature erythrocytes: pattern of production, sequestration, and infectivity to mosquitoes.
In contrast with Plasmodium vinckei, there is no peak of infectivity at the time of sequestration of the infective stage; this is probably due to the inhibitory effect of the schizogony occurring at this time.
[Description and biological characteristics of 2 new Madagascan Rhabdias].