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Estimation and control strategies for a lipase production process
Abstract This paper deals with the design of a control system for a lipase production process. The aim is to maximise the enzyme production when the process is operating in fed-batch mode, byExpand
On‐line prediction of fermentation variables using neural networks
It is shown that neural network models are accurate with a certain degree of noise immunity and offer the distinctive ability over more traditional methods to learn very naturally complex relationships without requiring the knowledge of the model structure. Expand
A non-growing living biomass of the acidophilic bacterium Thiobacillus ferrooxidans exhibited a high cadmium uptake capacity dependent on pH, on the physiological state and on the nature of theExpand
Software sensors in bioprocess engineering
A knowledge based software, named BIOESTIM, is presented; the facilities offered by this software, which includes expertise in system analysis and estimation theory, show it is a powerful tool in Computer Aided Estimation of bioprocesses. Expand
Method for On-Line Prediction of Kinetics of Alcoholic Fermentation in Wine Making
Abstract The rate of alcoholic fermentation in wine making has been determined in real time from the measurement of the volume of CO 2 released. It includes three successive phases characterized byExpand
A software sensor of biological activity based on a redox probe for the control of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans cultures
Abstract A ‘software sensor’ associating a redox potential probe (sensor) and an estimation algorithm (software) is proposed in order to provide on-line estimation of substrate concentration andExpand
Modeling of the Kinetics of Higher Alcohol and Ester Production Based on CO2 Emission with a View to Control of Beer Flavor by Temperature and Top Pressure
This article presents a model of beer fermentation in terms of flavor component content. It describes the production of two higher alcohols (isoamyl alcohol and phenyl ethanol) and three estersExpand
Modelling of anaerobic digestion in a fluidised bed with a view to control
This paper deals with dynamical modelling of a complex wastewater treatment process with a view to design control laws. It consists of biological anaerobic digestion, which takes place on a porousExpand
Axial dispersion of liquid in fluidised bed with external recycling: two dynamic modelling approaches with a view to control
In this paper, hydrodynamic modelling of a fluidised bed reactor is studied through two different approaches (the input/output model and the distributed parameters model), as the aim of our work isExpand
A Knowledge Based System in Modelling and Control for Biotechnological Processes
A software devoted to bioprocesses which enables bioengineers to easily and interactively design appropriate mathematical models directly from their perception of the process, written in Pascal language and implemented on an Apollo Computer. Expand