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Microstructure and dynamics of the water-in-oil CTAB/n-pentanol/n-hexane/water microemulsion: A spectroscopic and conductivity study
Quaternary water-in-oil microemulsion of a cationic surfactant (cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, CTAB), n-hexane, water, and n-pentanol has been investigated using conductivity, quasi-elastic lightExpand
Removal of chromate from water by a new CTAB-silica gelatin composite.
X-ray analyses of the elemental content in the CTAB-silica gelatin composite indicated no difference in terms of percentage of silica distributions in different areas of the matrix and suggested that chromium adsorption could take place in internal areas. Expand
Particle size, charge and colloidal stability of humic acids coprecipitated with Ferrihydrite.
The Fe-HA coprecipitation can reduce electrosteric repulsive forces, which in turn may inhibit the aggregation process at different pH, which would play an important role in the carbon stabilization and persistence not only in organic soils, but also in waters containing dissolved organic matter. Expand
Phase Diagram and Phase Properties of the System Lecithin−Water−Cyclohexane
The isothermal quasi-ternary-phase diagram of the lecithin−cyclohexane−water system was determined at 25 °C using a combination of polarizing microscopy, small-angle X-ray diffraction, and NMRExpand
Water Diffusion and Headgroup Mobility in Polymer-like Reverse Micelles: Evidence of a Sphere-to-Rod-to-Sphere Transition
A pulsed gradient spin-echo FT 1H NMR study on the system soybean lecithin/water/perdeuterated cyclohexane is presented. The self-diffusion coefficient of water, Dw, was measured as a function of theExpand
Biocompatible water-in-oil emulsion as a model to study ascorbic acid effect on lipid oxidation.
Results obtained as peroxide values show that ascorbic acid activity depends on its concentration and it is affected by the characteristics of the W/O interface. Expand
Photocatalytic degradation of a model textile dye using Carbon-doped titanium dioxide and visible light
Abstract Rhodamine B (RhB), a dye widely used in the textile manufacturing, contributes with other dyes to harm the environment. Here, with the final goal to provide new tools for the removal of dyesExpand
Effect of membrane composition on lipid oxidation in liposomes.
It can be concluded that cholesterol affects the oxidation induced by hydrophilic radical initiator of model membranes by changing the biophysical properties of the phospholipid bilayer. Expand
Role of the Cosurfactant in the CTAB/Water/n-Pentanol/n-Hexane Water-in-Oil Microemulsion. 1. Pentanol Effect on the Microstructure†
The microstructure of the quaternary water-in-oil microemulsion CTAB/water/n-pentanol/n-hexane has been investigated by means of the pulsed gradient spin−echo NMR technique over a wide range ofExpand
Role of emulsifier layer, antioxidants and radical initiators in the oxidation of olive oil-in-water emulsions
Abstract Lipid oxidation in oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions is largely affected by the properties of the interfacial layer surrounding the oil droplets. In this work, the effect of the emulsifier layerExpand