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Observations: Oceanic Climate Change and Sea Level
The oceans are warming. Over the period 1961 to 2003, global ocean temperature has risen by 0.10°C from the surface to a depth of 700 m. Consistent with the Third Assessment Report (TAR), globalExpand
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Sea Level Change
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Present‐day sea level change: Observations and causes
We investigate climate-related processes causing variations of the global mean sea level on interannual to decadal time scale. Wc focus on thermal expansion of the oceans and continental water massExpand
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A new assessment of the error budget of global mean sea level rate estimated by satellite altimetry over 1993–2008
Abstract. A new error budget assessment of the global Mean Sea Level (MSL) determined by TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 altimeter satellites between January 1993 and June 2008 is presented using lastExpand
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Sea Level Rise During Past 40 Years Determined from Satellite and in Situ Observations
The 3.2 ± 0.2 millimeter per year global mean sea level rise observed by the Topex/Poseidon satellite over 1993–98 is fully explained by thermal expansion of the oceans. For the period 1955–96, seaExpand
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Recent Climate Observations Compared to Projections
We present recent observed climate trends for carbon dioxide concentration, global mean air temperature, and global sea level, and we compare these trends to previous model projections as summarizedExpand
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Sea level budget over 2003-2008: A reevaluation from GRACE space gravimetry, satellite altimetry and Argo
From the IPCC 4th Assessment Report published in 2007, ocean thermal expansion contributed by similar to 50% to the 3.1 mm/yr observed global mean sea level rise during the 1993-2003 decade, theExpand
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Interannual variations of the mass balance of the Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets from GRACE
Abstract We propose a new estimate of the mass balance of the West/East Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets from GRACE for the recent period (July 2002–March 2005) and compute the correspondingExpand
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Preliminary results of ENVISAT RA-2-derived water levels validation over the Amazon basin
Since the launch of the ENVISAT satellite in 2002, the Radar Altimetry Mission provides systematic observations of the Earth topography. Among the different goals of the ENVISAT Mission, one directlyExpand
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The rate of sea-level rise
atesinterannualnatural variability in sea level from the longer-term change probably related to anthropogenic global warming. The most prominent signature in the global mean sea level interannualExpand
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